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more details

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Here is a closer detail photo of the bracelet.  Sorry I couldn’t get it on one post for some reason.  Sometimes I can get my set the way I want and sometimes things are not working correctly.

So thanks for checking back.  Tomorrow I will try to show you some more stuff.



So what do you think?



Here they are

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The pictures I promised to show you I downloaded in the computer this morning. This is some of the complete shots of the white peyote band with pearls.


I will show you

Posted in beading, hobbies on January 30, 2008 by beadnfun

some pictures tomorrow of the finished piece that I made.  Thanks for the comments from those of you who are encouraging.  I was telling my husband that it is nice to bring my beadwork “out of the closet” and show others what I can do.  And the cats are happy that I have a subject other than themselves to take photos of now.

I have lots of things that I have made in the past two years that I have never taken photos of, so that is something for me to do on Saturdays.  In the meantime, I do appreciate the nice comments from the beaders that check out my site and tell me that my work is good.  It’s been trial and error for sure.  But it makes me real happy!

Thanks see you tomorrow



Here is a photo that I took of Goblins. She’s inside the door looking out, I shot this photo standing outside of our back porch.  She is a beautiful three legged cat.

My husband solved it

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Well I asked the question, and he figured out the answer.  I know that I pushed the wrong button and something happened.  But he is such a great web programmer he can usually solve all my silly dilemmas.  He did!

I’m just trying to figure out how to change things or just to learn what is available in the “designing” of this web blog.  I’m so new at it and I see what other people are doing so it makes me adventurous.

Thanks my dear


I added some details

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Here are some more of the white bracelet pictures. I added a little more detail than before.


Here is 4 mm Potato beads that I added on to the edges, then I added a second row. This just shows one side of my progress.


Here is an extreme close up of the two pearl rows.

Tomorrow I will show you the completed bracelet. I like to have the day light to take the pictures in. My automatic focus does not seem to do as well in the dark.

By the way, those of you whom had seen my web site a few days ago will notice that my “about me” part has disappeared, it was not supposed to happen like that, but when I was trying to figure out some of the options that I had I guess I deleted that part and wasn’t able to bring it back. I just don’t know all the details of how this wordpress site works yet. If anyone knows anything please let me know.

Have a nice beading day!


progress on white peyote band

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I have had some time this weekend to work on the white peyote band that I showed you a few days ago.


Here is a picture of the band right before I added the closure buttons. This also shows you my favorite prop which is a heavy silver tray with edges. It has a little weight to it so that it stays on my lap. The edge is so your beads don’t roll everywhere and you have a lip to help get the beads on your needle.


This shows you the shank pearl button beads and the gray beads are those optic “cat-eyes” style beads.


Here is a close up the three buttons attached.


Here is the opposite end with the loop closures and the fiber optic beads show up a little better here I think.


Here it is at this point. I still am working on embellishing this band though. My husband thought I was finished with it at this point. Though it does look kind of cool and simple here doesn’t it.


Here it is standing on its own.

And now, intermission. In case you haven’t seen enough.


Here’s Yippers.

Thanks for tuning in. I will show you my embellishments tomorrow. I do have it finished today actually.


yep the start of another weekend.

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I hope to get some stuff done this weekend. First of all, I would like to get a little more painting of my kitchen done. After that, ah well, a little couch time. I’m still adapting to the full time grind of the job now that the students are back. But I’m doing much better than I was last semester, when I was learning the job. Or I should say my body was getting used to it. Now it seems kind of normal. I’m just ready for a little rest for a couple of days. Lets look at some pictures:


Here is a shot I took from Cooper’s Landing, across the river was a barge just about to go around the corner. This is 16 times on the camera lens. Great clarity.


Here is another one I took a few months later. We went to get some fall foliage pictures, but the clouds were great that day and the camera was picking up on that nicely. My camera is a point and shoot style, I still loved these clouds.


A couple of the bracelets that I made this year. The top one is an original design. It has branched fringe edges with assorted fancy glass beads. The closure is a large glass bead with a double loop closure that can fit large or small wrist.

The bottom bracelet is based on a design by Judy Saye Willis in Bead and Button Magazine, August 2005. I worked this one up with a variety of dagger beads with closure of a toggle clasp.