recently made necklace

Here is the necklace that I wrote about on a previous post. I started this one about Jan 3rd and finished it in about four days. My time can be anywhere from an hour at a sitting to up to four hours. This one probably took about 12 hours of interrupted time to finish. I do have cats to take care of !


There’s one!


I cant figure out how to separate the photos above. I wanted to tell you that the second picture show you my traditional button-bead clasp closure with a loop on the opposing end. But I couldn’t separate the photos no matter what buttons I push. I even made sure to separate them all before pushing the “send photo” button. Okay I have a long way to go.


Above is a picture of me wearing this one to show you the drape and length of the necklace. This necklace features a gemstone bead closure with clear silver lined 11’s, clear blue copper lined 11’s, various czech glass beads and pink gemstone chips.


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