the weekend

I’ve been working on the white and clear band project this weekend. I am close to adding some vintage button closures on it, which I will do tomorrow. I’ll snap a picture for you all to see this. I try to work mostly during the natural light because my vision starts getting peculiar when I have the night lights on. The clear beads with white thread does not help either. But I didn’t want to do any color on thread with this piece. I’m having trouble with this particular thread fraying, no matter how much I rub it with beeswax. I guess that is why I love the colored nymo thread so well, and it is easier to thread those little holes in the needle. White is so hard to see!

I also like to respect the darkness of our living room as my husband likes to spend his time doing research and web work next to me. He doesn’t mind the light, but I don’t like to interfere with his quality computer time.


Here is a picture of goblins that I took from outside with her on the inside.


Here is a picture that I took in the fall. This is some of the bluffs and woods leading to the Missouri River. I got some great shots that day.


Here is another necklace that I made last February 2007. This is inspired by a necklace from Bead and Button Magazine, by designer Aasia Hamid June 2006 issue.

I made a few that were similar to this one. This one is a peyote band with larger drops in the middle and smaller fringe drops along most of the center edge. This style was one that my husband really liked, so I kept doing different fringes and embellishments and color schemes.


See the details. This has small fringe beads with pink color inside. I also used a reflective crystal bead as the closure for this one.


This is another example that I worked on. I guess you could call this one an original design. I know that I learn from many of the great designers that share their work in bead magazines and over the internet. This design features a vintage shell button closure and glass drop beads an 4m druk glass beads. This was made in February 2007 as well.


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