variation of daisy chain

In a Bead and Button Magazine, I found this delightful design for a daisy chain variation. I love this look, especially if you get some really excellent color combinations going. I will look up this designer tomorrow and give credit where due. I love Bead and Button Magazine for there accurate directions and challenging designs. Then I start to vary those ideas.


Sorry about the large size of this photo. I took several in this format and realized later that I had captured them at this size, but I gave this necklace away to a friend and I don’t have it available to me at the moment, to retake this shot.

Let me tell you that this necklace doesn’t take me as long to make as several of the others, I would say two hours at tops on this one. One reason why I like to take on larger and longer projects is that I hate to finish them, but I love to finish them because then I know I can wear them! But it is always sad to “end” the project in some ways. So sometimes I let inspiration get to me, and go ahead and pick out a couple of different color schemes for the same project, and then I proceed or not. I may use those colors and go for a different design.

I’m thrilled because I was able to order bead this week (sweet!) It helps me a lot because it expands my colors, my styles, and different types of beads. That way I can do some of the projects from years ago that I didn’t have the “right” kind of beads to go into the project. I like to follow the basic guidelines at least the first time through the project, to make everything work as they say it will. Then I know I can substitute 4 mm druk, for 4mm bicone crystal, see how the project flows accordingly.

Thanks for checking me out today!



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