Okay a little progression

Yep, I finished the button and loop closure on the new clear bead and white band that I posted on the site a couple of days ago. As soon as I figure how not to reload all the duplicate pictures (again) I will get this one up. I haven’t taken the picture tonight anyways, I will do that in the better light of day time. My closure though is three vintage pearl buttons with opposing loops. I still haven’t figured out how to embellish this one yet….I’m getting some new beads soon though and I figured I would see if I could use that stuff or some in my stash.

In the meantime, time to show you some more of my work.


Close up of two necklaces I made in November 2007


Okay so the story on these are I started these in November by the request of a friend that wanted some stuff for giving away at Christmas, so I started producing alot of stuff in about four weeks. Here are a couple that I did for her.

The lighter colored one is done in peyote stitched Pink Gold lined 8’s and picot edged in peach clear translucent 11’s with Pink Drops as embellishments. This also has picot edges on one side with frosted pink 6 beads.
The Blue necklace has aqua silver lined 8’s with a picot edged in ceylon blue 15’s, then embellished with clear Blue Drops. Both have the pearl shell lentil bead and loop closure.


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