yep the start of another weekend.

I hope to get some stuff done this weekend. First of all, I would like to get a little more painting of my kitchen done. After that, ah well, a little couch time. I’m still adapting to the full time grind of the job now that the students are back. But I’m doing much better than I was last semester, when I was learning the job. Or I should say my body was getting used to it. Now it seems kind of normal. I’m just ready for a little rest for a couple of days. Lets look at some pictures:


Here is a shot I took from Cooper’s Landing, across the river was a barge just about to go around the corner. This is 16 times on the camera lens. Great clarity.


Here is another one I took a few months later. We went to get some fall foliage pictures, but the clouds were great that day and the camera was picking up on that nicely. My camera is a point and shoot style, I still loved these clouds.


A couple of the bracelets that I made this year. The top one is an original design. It has branched fringe edges with assorted fancy glass beads. The closure is a large glass bead with a double loop closure that can fit large or small wrist.

The bottom bracelet is based on a design by Judy Saye Willis in Bead and Button Magazine, August 2005. I worked this one up with a variety of dagger beads with closure of a toggle clasp.



One Response to “yep the start of another weekend.”

  1. mycraftyways Says:

    Love your bracelets, especially the upper one. I’m not a fan of dagger beads (no, that’s a lie : I like them, I’m just never sure how to use them in a nice way !), but you made them work on the second one. Congratulation on the nice job !

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