progress on white peyote band

I have had some time this weekend to work on the white peyote band that I showed you a few days ago.


Here is a picture of the band right before I added the closure buttons. This also shows you my favorite prop which is a heavy silver tray with edges. It has a little weight to it so that it stays on my lap. The edge is so your beads don’t roll everywhere and you have a lip to help get the beads on your needle.


This shows you the shank pearl button beads and the gray beads are those optic “cat-eyes” style beads.


Here is a close up the three buttons attached.


Here is the opposite end with the loop closures and the fiber optic beads show up a little better here I think.


Here it is at this point. I still am working on embellishing this band though. My husband thought I was finished with it at this point. Though it does look kind of cool and simple here doesn’t it.


Here it is standing on its own.

And now, intermission. In case you haven’t seen enough.


Here’s Yippers.

Thanks for tuning in. I will show you my embellishments tomorrow. I do have it finished today actually.



One Response to “progress on white peyote band”

  1. thebeadden Says:

    Very nice jewelry! I’ve noticed a number of beaders have joined wordpress this month. I added you to my blogroll, hope you don’t mind.

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