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I will show you some of the pictures of my past work. I have tried to take pictures tonight of the necklace I made this weekend, but the camera doesn’t like to focus as much at night as it does during the day. I guess it needs the “natural light”.






This was a cute little bracelet that I made with some recycled pearls from the olden days. The pearl paint had actually chipped off so they were like little clear glass beads. I put little picot ends on both sides of this using 11 hex bronze beads. It has a little vintage button and loop closure. This one was just using up some extra beads and it made a beautiful little elegant bracelet. Sometimes things work out!


Yippers! He is such a beautiful boy!


It is hard to focus on a black cat! I try and and I try to get a good photo of this elegant girl and she just can’t get a good image.


Daisy Chain Necklace

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I promised you days ago the daisy chain necklace finished. I thought about adding more, but this is what it looks like in its current state.


This is a rope of daisy chain interconnected and then I put the daisy on the side and connected it along the chain to be “drops”. It just seemed like it needed something else added to bring out the pinks, but I wasn’t sure what to do. Sometimes I go to far and it gets strange looking. Of course that presents its own challenge.


An extreme close up.


The standard shell disc bead and loop closure. I seem repetitive on that point.

This was made with 11’s in transparent rainbow and in turquoise and pink 6mm crackle beads. I was trying to do a variant of the previous daisy chain necklace that I did in the brick colored beads with pink pearls the other day. Just try to work with some of my bead stash.

On my worktable right now I’ve been working on beaded beads in transparent colors and also a pink gemstone chip right angle weave necklace that I am interlacing with some smoke colored 11’s in a brick stitch to fill up the spaces and disguise the thread path a little. I will show you photos of that when they become a little more completed. I don’t show you stitch by stitch at this time. I think I would only do that with a pattern I was sure of. Right now I’m working “off the cuff”.

Talk to you soon

Thanks for stopping by


some more photos

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So what I have been working on was finishing the blue and pink crackle bead daisy chain necklace. I added some of the “daisies” as drops which I centered on the daisy chain rope.

Then this weekend I’ve been working on a right angle weave pink chip necklace with brick stitch used throughout on the areas where the string was showing too much. Not your normal even spaced when using chips so I thought I would try this and see how it worked. The hard part was figuring out which color in my collection to use for he this. I settled for a rainbow transparent smoke colored 11 bead.

Then I was also working on making some beaded beads. Since I was working with some of my mixes, this happened to be some transparent colors. So far I have just done a peyote stitch 6 x 10 and rolled them into tubes and zip stitched them. What I think I am going to do with these is use some 8 or 6’s and sew them directly on top of these rolls and just picot stitch them all around. So a spiky beaded bead is what I envision.

Either way there are now pictures yet. I was kind of busy beading.

So I will show you some of my other work that I have done this year.




This is one of my favorite bracelets. It was inspired by a design from Bead and Button, but with my twist on it. I made a few like this but this one was pretty unique in their own way.

Made on a 12 wide peyote band of 11’s, this is loops of 11’s with assorted glass beads as highlights. It has a fancy glass bead with loop closure that has a peyote stitch added to it. This bracelet is so solid, I swear it weighs 2 lbs. It probably doesn’t but I admit that I almost always take it off when I show it to someone so they can feel the bulkiness of it.




Okay, this is one of the busy necklaces that I told you about. When you wear it with a black sweater people think that this is part of the black sweater, not an individual necklace. This is when I first started doing these peyote stitch bands and adding the fringe to it. Just like alot of the other ones that I showed you so far, this one just had bugle beads added with seed beads fringe with 8’s added for accents. Finished it off with a transclucent pink doughnut bead and loop closure. This is another one of those heavy ones. Made this early part of 2007.

Thanks for tuning in once again. Take it easy


I will take some pictures soon

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of the project I promised you. I still have not put the finishing touches on and I have some string dangling about.


Here’s another project that I just took photos of.


and the close up shot.


This photo shows the button clasp and closure.


Okay, let me tell you about the construction of this necklace.  I peyote stitched a long base row of 13’s that I had bought at an Indian pow wow years ago.  The beads were not always consistent so I just wanted to use those where I would only be going through them once.  Except on the edges which I put the upper edge with various colors of a picot edge.  The bottom edge is just fringe with one large 6/0 or maybe even larger.  I just got an assorted bag and wanted something colorful to come of it so this is what I created.  It is actually a very fun necklace to wear.  I made this one in early 2007.

Thanks for tuning in.  I will write again soon


I’m working on

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a couple of things from the beading magazine. These designs are both inspired by Sue Sloan in the last issue of Bead and Button. I’m just looking for different projects and techniques and trying them on different sizes and doing them a couple of times or more. Really get them in my head.


Here you can see my progression. I’ve added my three rows and getting ready to finish the last row which will continue into a long rope.


A little closer shot. This looks better with out the bright light of the flash.


Here it is finished with a vintage orange button and loop closure. This one works well, but I am going to try a little better technique. One side of the rope is not as well put together. After working on this with another strand…another project I mastered it and the new piece looks more polished. I guess I figured that I kept flipping it around, but realized that I was just not attaching the loops the same each loop. I was putting my needle in the wrong beads here and there and if you really check closely one strand does not look as good. Maybe because the beads were the same color? I still have lots to learn.

You can see it here.


But the finished piece looks pretty good.



So I decided to do another strand. This time I used rainbow turquoise 11’s with 6mm crackle beads. I wrapped each one with seven beads on each side with alternate loops of 6mm and 5 11’s. Here is what it looks like. Oh and I watched my technique more carefully and made sure to lay my strand down consistently each time.


I’m not sure I like the clear blue beads with the crackle as I liked the contrast of the other one.


Here it is a little more finished with a pink shell bead for my closure. I’m going to embellish this further and see how I can change it a little bit. I’ve continued by using the daisy loops as drops hanging from this rope. I will take more photos tonight so you can see. In the meantime, a little more photos.


I have not tied off my last string on this one yet, that is why you see the dangling thread there, it will go away.


I thought this was more focused.  Anyway, that is the last one for now.  Thanks for tuning in to my weekend projects.  I’m just trying to get more ideas locked into my brain.

Bye for now


I’ve been down

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my computer has not been cooperating right lately, or I should say, connection to the internet. It has nothing to do with my computer my husband tells me, and he knows what he is talking about. He gets disheartened when I get that exasperated sound in my voice because it doesn’t magically work as I think it should.

Let’s look at a picture:


Here is our girl. Since this is the first shot of many her eyes are still open. After a while the flash just blinds them!


I took this one so that you could see that the pearls are a very nice red color. But my flash kind of washes things out. I’m trying to get a handle on that. I stand farther and farther back so that it doesn’t shine so much. But with these close-ups its still washing out the colors. This looks necklace looks better in natural light.



Here is something that I made quite a while back, I had forgotten about it except that I pulled it out of my bag of finished projects. I can tell it is something that I did a while back because I usually don’t do clasp like that for my own personal reasons of not being able to put them on myself. I find that they are too hard to squeeze open and squeeze shut on your wrist with one hand etc. I just started doing the bead/button loop closure as it is more hand friendly. I have hand issues.


As you can see a close up of the same bracelet. Sometimes they don’t focus as well as I would like them too.

I took an amazing amount of pictures the other day of my work, so I will come up with some more things to photograph in the next weekend. I wanted to get alot of stuff on my hard drive so I can get different things for you to see. I am not producing quite as much as my blog requires. Or at least I assume it does!

Anyway, thanks for tuning in again. Here is another small photo of my current project. I have a little more done and I will take pictures tomorrow. I can only do a little at a time on the weekdays, my hands get so numb and all. Thanks for tuning in again, see you soon




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I spent some time today shooting some photos of my finished projects. I still have unfinished projects, starters, lanyards, and other necklaces that were not with the others. These are some of the ones I keep and wear frequently. So I’ve been busy doing that. I took over 150 pictures of them. So here goes.


Here is what I worked on yesterday–and I finished it even. This is one that was just published in Bead and Button Magazine. This one is designed by Colleen McGraw. Hers was made with fancier crystals than I used. I used fire polished czech beads and hex 11’s. I did do the antique clasp as well. Here’s more.


I’m amazed sometimes that the camera does so well on these closeups. Though I do have to do some changing of the settings. We were getting a storm through at the time, and I’m photographing something dark, on a dark background.


Then I got motivated today as well. I started working on the next project in the magazine. A daisy chain necklace by Sue Sloan. I used brick red (dark) with red czech glass pearls. I think that it has a cool look. I did have problems with the directions on these, but I could visualize what she wanted so it worked. Usually this is not a problem with their projects as they have designers that work them all out according to the written instructions, but sometimes, I guess I error in some ways.


This looks cooler than this close up shows. I have too much light on the flash in this one. When I get it more complete I will show you the full thing. I was still thrilled that I was able to get even one project finished, and then start another one. Maybe I do too many ambitious projects such as….


This craziness.  Well, that is for another day!

Thanks for tuning in to my weekend projects