about the two bracelets

I will see if I have more photos similiar to the second bracelet in the previous posts. I know that I made a couple of these with some of my own adaptations. I believe that I was inspired by Julie Walker’s bracelet in the August 2006 issue of Bead and Button Magazine. This was a even count peyote band with longer and shorter bugle beads with rows and edges of 11’s. I love the stitch formulas that these designers come up with that it is such a valuable learning tool for me. I never figured that I followed directions so well as when working these designs and coming out with some a great finishing piece. Then I get to re-work the design into different creations of my own.

This bracelet is a sample of a re-work of Ms. Walkers design. I always appreciate seeing something done with bugle beads because I have a lot of them, and sometimes really come up with a blank slate on them. I know that I can put them in a herringbone tube with rows of 11’s. I’ve done designs like that and I find them to be very repetitive and not overly inspiring for me. Though I do love herringbone that has different size beads and color combinations. But when I see bugle beads used in a peyote stitch, in a flat band, it really makes me realize what can be done with them (beside fringe). I love the feel and texture of a flat band of bugles.

Here are some other pictures.


Good I can write behind the picture today! Okay, I also realize that tomorrow I need to take some more photos of some other projects so I can show you something new.


Okay, here is an attempt at a right angle weave freeform necklace that I started a couple of weeks ago. I was working on this one day and it got to this point, then I worked on it the next day and it grew into a very bad piece of work. Now it is sitting in a plastic bag ready to be cut apart for the beads. I just cant seem to get a handle on the freeform stuff yet. I read where one designer challenges her students to keep working and never cut the piece and see what they can create beautiful out of it. I don’t know that piece of worked morphisized into something strangely askew. eegads!


Here is a sensational photo of Yippers that I took in 2005. Isn’t he a cute boy!


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