I spent some time today shooting some photos of my finished projects. I still have unfinished projects, starters, lanyards, and other necklaces that were not with the others. These are some of the ones I keep and wear frequently. So I’ve been busy doing that. I took over 150 pictures of them. So here goes.


Here is what I worked on yesterday–and I finished it even. This is one that was just published in Bead and Button Magazine. This one is designed by Colleen McGraw. Hers was made with fancier crystals than I used. I used fire polished czech beads and hex 11’s. I did do the antique clasp as well. Here’s more.


I’m amazed sometimes that the camera does so well on these closeups. Though I do have to do some changing of the settings. We were getting a storm through at the time, and I’m photographing something dark, on a dark background.


Then I got motivated today as well. I started working on the next project in the magazine. A daisy chain necklace by Sue Sloan. I used brick red (dark) with red czech glass pearls. I think that it has a cool look. I did have problems with the directions on these, but I could visualize what she wanted so it worked. Usually this is not a problem with their projects as they have designers that work them all out according to the written instructions, but sometimes, I guess I error in some ways.


This looks cooler than this close up shows. I have too much light on the flash in this one. When I get it more complete I will show you the full thing. I was still thrilled that I was able to get even one project finished, and then start another one. Maybe I do too many ambitious projects such as….


This craziness.  Well, that is for another day!

Thanks for tuning in to my weekend projects



One Response to “yeh!”

  1. Toma Marshall Says:

    Colleen, all I could do was smile as I looked at your beautiful work. It is awesome. The beauty is amazing and I sat here just staring at the detail in your work. My compliments!!!!!

    That is a great picture of you and it catches warm and fun personality.

    Love to you! – Toma

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