I’m working on

a couple of things from the beading magazine. These designs are both inspired by Sue Sloan in the last issue of Bead and Button. I’m just looking for different projects and techniques and trying them on different sizes and doing them a couple of times or more. Really get them in my head.


Here you can see my progression. I’ve added my three rows and getting ready to finish the last row which will continue into a long rope.


A little closer shot. This looks better with out the bright light of the flash.


Here it is finished with a vintage orange button and loop closure. This one works well, but I am going to try a little better technique. One side of the rope is not as well put together. After working on this with another strand…another project I mastered it and the new piece looks more polished. I guess I figured that I kept flipping it around, but realized that I was just not attaching the loops the same each loop. I was putting my needle in the wrong beads here and there and if you really check closely one strand does not look as good. Maybe because the beads were the same color? I still have lots to learn.

You can see it here.


But the finished piece looks pretty good.



So I decided to do another strand. This time I used rainbow turquoise 11’s with 6mm crackle beads. I wrapped each one with seven beads on each side with alternate loops of 6mm and 5 11’s. Here is what it looks like. Oh and I watched my technique more carefully and made sure to lay my strand down consistently each time.


I’m not sure I like the clear blue beads with the crackle as I liked the contrast of the other one.


Here it is a little more finished with a pink shell bead for my closure. I’m going to embellish this further and see how I can change it a little bit. I’ve continued by using the daisy loops as drops hanging from this rope. I will take more photos tonight so you can see. In the meantime, a little more photos.


I have not tied off my last string on this one yet, that is why you see the dangling thread there, it will go away.


I thought this was more focused.  Anyway, that is the last one for now.  Thanks for tuning in to my weekend projects.  I’m just trying to get more ideas locked into my brain.

Bye for now



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