I will take some pictures soon

of the project I promised you. I still have not put the finishing touches on and I have some string dangling about.


Here’s another project that I just took photos of.


and the close up shot.


This photo shows the button clasp and closure.


Okay, let me tell you about the construction of this necklace.  I peyote stitched a long base row of 13’s that I had bought at an Indian pow wow years ago.  The beads were not always consistent so I just wanted to use those where I would only be going through them once.  Except on the edges which I put the upper edge with various colors of a picot edge.  The bottom edge is just fringe with one large 6/0 or maybe even larger.  I just got an assorted bag and wanted something colorful to come of it so this is what I created.  It is actually a very fun necklace to wear.  I made this one in early 2007.

Thanks for tuning in.  I will write again soon



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