some more photos

So what I have been working on was finishing the blue and pink crackle bead daisy chain necklace. I added some of the “daisies” as drops which I centered on the daisy chain rope.

Then this weekend I’ve been working on a right angle weave pink chip necklace with brick stitch used throughout on the areas where the string was showing too much. Not your normal even spaced when using chips so I thought I would try this and see how it worked. The hard part was figuring out which color in my collection to use for he this. I settled for a rainbow transparent smoke colored 11 bead.

Then I was also working on making some beaded beads. Since I was working with some of my mixes, this happened to be some transparent colors. So far I have just done a peyote stitch 6 x 10 and rolled them into tubes and zip stitched them. What I think I am going to do with these is use some 8 or 6’s and sew them directly on top of these rolls and just picot stitch them all around. So a spiky beaded bead is what I envision.

Either way there are now pictures yet. I was kind of busy beading.

So I will show you some of my other work that I have done this year.




This is one of my favorite bracelets. It was inspired by a design from Bead and Button, but with my twist on it. I made a few like this but this one was pretty unique in their own way.

Made on a 12 wide peyote band of 11’s, this is loops of 11’s with assorted glass beads as highlights. It has a fancy glass bead with loop closure that has a peyote stitch added to it. This bracelet is so solid, I swear it weighs 2 lbs. It probably doesn’t but I admit that I almost always take it off when I show it to someone so they can feel the bulkiness of it.




Okay, this is one of the busy necklaces that I told you about. When you wear it with a black sweater people think that this is part of the black sweater, not an individual necklace. This is when I first started doing these peyote stitch bands and adding the fringe to it. Just like alot of the other ones that I showed you so far, this one just had bugle beads added with seed beads fringe with 8’s added for accents. Finished it off with a transclucent pink doughnut bead and loop closure. This is another one of those heavy ones. Made this early part of 2007.

Thanks for tuning in once again. Take it easy



2 Responses to “some more photos”

  1. thebeadden Says:

    I meant to leave a comment the last time I dropped by and the phone rang…so now I get my chance.

    You work is absolutely stunning. I love the bracelets, the colours you choose, the styles. A lot of work must go into them.

    Your photo’s have inspired to use more colour. Try things I normally wouldn’t. So thanks for posting your work!

  2. Absolutely love that necklace!!!!

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