Daisy Chain Necklace

I promised you days ago the daisy chain necklace finished. I thought about adding more, but this is what it looks like in its current state.


This is a rope of daisy chain interconnected and then I put the daisy on the side and connected it along the chain to be “drops”. It just seemed like it needed something else added to bring out the pinks, but I wasn’t sure what to do. Sometimes I go to far and it gets strange looking. Of course that presents its own challenge.


An extreme close up.


The standard shell disc bead and loop closure. I seem repetitive on that point.

This was made with 11’s in transparent rainbow and in turquoise and pink 6mm crackle beads. I was trying to do a variant of the previous daisy chain necklace that I did in the brick colored beads with pink pearls the other day. Just try to work with some of my bead stash.

On my worktable right now I’ve been working on beaded beads in transparent colors and also a pink gemstone chip right angle weave necklace that I am interlacing with some smoke colored 11’s in a brick stitch to fill up the spaces and disguise the thread path a little. I will show you photos of that when they become a little more completed. I don’t show you stitch by stitch at this time. I think I would only do that with a pattern I was sure of. Right now I’m working “off the cuff”.

Talk to you soon

Thanks for stopping by



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