I will show you some of the pictures of my past work. I have tried to take pictures tonight of the necklace I made this weekend, but the camera doesn’t like to focus as much at night as it does during the day. I guess it needs the “natural light”.






This was a cute little bracelet that I made with some recycled pearls from the olden days. The pearl paint had actually chipped off so they were like little clear glass beads. I put little picot ends on both sides of this using 11 hex bronze beads. It has a little vintage button and loop closure. This one was just using up some extra beads and it made a beautiful little elegant bracelet. Sometimes things work out!


Yippers! He is such a beautiful boy!


It is hard to focus on a black cat! I try and and I try to get a good photo of this elegant girl and she just can’t get a good image.


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