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Sorry it has been a while since I posted last. I finally finished the St Petersburg Chain designed by Mary DiMatteo in the current issue of Bead and Button Magazine. I used 11’s hex beads in a bronze color metallic and bronze color inside 15’s as well as pink swarovski glass pearls. Here is how it looks.


That was kind of a closeup.


I was kind of afraid that when I wore it, it would roll around and not keep its straight look, but that didn’t seem to be a problem once I had it on. I would like to work up a few more like this with different accent beads and different size columns. This was a neat pattern though that worked up fairly quickly.

I have also been working on a couple of peyote bands. Both inspired by Sand Fibers one of the Etsy Bead Weavers. One I did with 10 rocaille beads and the other I did with delica beads. I can see why people use those delicas on their bands they sure hold their exact shape. I really love the texture of those bands when they are even and crisp.


Oh yeah This was as good as I got with the delica band. I just couldn’t get the camera to focus on this one. Even on a black background.

Here is the rocaille band.


Okay, I guess I just had issues that day! None of these are turning out to be any good. Like I said if the light is not right in the room I just can’t get my camera to focus. Even though I think there is plenty of light.


That one was slightly better. Believe it or not I delete them as I take them. These are the better ones. I guess I am just going to have to get me a digital slr camera sometime. Maybe for Christmas!


Here is my close up of one side of my closures. I just did a small loop and put a lobster clasp on the other end. Just cause the directions asked for this, but as usual my hands do not work well with little clasps and pressure. My hands go numb. So future designs with be my own spin on closures. Just like I like to do!

Anyway, sorry for the lax communications lately. I have been trying to do other things and get up and get some exercise and so forth.

Bye for now, thanks for tuning in



I am continuing

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working on the st petersburg chain necklace from Bead and Button Magazine. The problem was that I found some of my old cross stitch stuff recently and I worked on that a little Saturday. I added a little to the overall pattern, but it got me a little delayed with the beadwork. Now I realize even more why I took the beadwork hobby up. I mean you get great looking jewelry that you can wear, look at, and feel in your hands. The cross stitch, just takes along time, at least at the level I work at it. I do feel guilty if I sit for too long working on my projects, I do have chores to do.

So I will give you some photos soon. Hopefully I will be able to get this necklace done by Sunday. I guess I just got off track for a little while….sometimes you have to do that to find some inspiration. In the meantime I probably have some beautiful shot to show you.


See I told you!


This is one of the beautiful views of sunset on the Missouri River.


These will be blooming soon!

Thanks for checking in!  See you soon


Star Necklace

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Here is the finished Star Necklace that I learned from Ruby’s Beadwork. Her tutorials are great like I said yesterday, and for a bonus she adds different styles made by other beaders and links to their pages. Some of her tutorials have different ways to get the same results. This necklace that I made roll down to the bottom of the Star necklace for Sandra Halpenny’s version of it so that you can use one continuous strand.





I made a choker of this necklace. I did not let it hang down too low as I like to wear these at work.

So yesterday I put a photo of my dad up on my blog in celebration of his 77th birthday. I have since pulled that photo in search of another one.


Here is some of the beads I used for what I am currently working on. I started this Saturday evening after finishing the Star Necklace. This was taken on Sunday after getting some of it done.


This is in the current issue of Bead and Button Magazine. You know how I love to get working on those as soon as I can. But much of the time if I already have something occupying my silver platter, I will resist. So I resisted till the Star was done.


So this is called a Saint Petersburg Chain. This is the first time I have ever done it and am making very good progress with it. I guess it is easier than the Star was, and my brain is wrapping around it better.


I don’t know but I guess part of it is that I picked out some nice colors and combinations.  They wanted me to use a czech firepolish bead, but I didn’t have enough of them in one color, so I went for some of these Swarovski glass pearls.   I’m starting on another piece of this, and I guess then I join the two pieces together and then add the closure.  I will keep you updated of course on this.

Thanks for checking it out as always.  See you later, and happy beading!


I finished a necklace…

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I finished a necklace this weekend. This was a pattern I obtained from She has some wonderful tutorials and images of her own and other beader’s work showing variations of her designs. It is a wealth of information, especially if you follow some of the links that she has on these bonus pages. I always keep her page in my bookmarks as it is a valuable source for me.

The necklace that I made was listed on Ruby’s site under “Star” bracelet. Though I have been making alot of necklaces, chokers, collars of late as the job that I have currently is not kindly to bracelets. I have my hands in the water alot so I do not want to mildew the thread in my bracelets. And I like to show off my work, so I can wear my necklaces. Here is the Star Necklace, well the start of it anyway.


Here are the close up shots.



This last shot shows you the loop or “star” without the middle bead inserted. I kept getting mixed up on this, as I guess I am “in the round inept”. I seem to take a little while to get these “stars” under my belt. This pattern on Ruby’s site has two different methods. I used Sandra Halpenny’s method of one constant thread, this is my preferred method. I think I was having problems with this one because some times I do not keep up on it in a long enough “block” of time. I think I have the proper method down now.

Anyway I did finish this necklace on Saturday, I will take some pictures to upload Sunday. I started working on a St Petersburg Chain necklace after the necklace. It is coming together really nicely so I am excited to try this in a couple of different styles.

Thanks for catching up with me. I get slow progress sometimes and I don’t necessarily have new pictures on a daily basis, which is why there has been a little lapse of time between blogs.

Oh and a special happy birthday to Dad. He turned 77 yesterday!

Okay, obviously I need to go take some photos of my Dad with his eyes open! Here he is with Nathan before the haircut. You saw photos of Nathan a few posts ago after he had graduated from Boot Camp in the Marines. This photo above was taken in 2006 or so.

See you soon and thanks again for the comments!



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Yep, I finally got some pictures of the necklace that I made last weekend.


This was the one good shot I got of it on one day. Here are some more I got yesterday. The natural light is all it takes for my camera to take up close shots.




Wow, nice close up shot there, if only slightly off focus. I wanted you to see this detail of my brick stitched seed beads running along the thread that was showing. This was what was taking the longest on this necklace to complete.


My typical closure, this one is a glass czech bead and loop closure, with some quartz beads as highlights.



This one is one of my designs. This is a rose quartz chip RAW necklace stitched with some brown nymo thread. I inserted some rainbow charcoal transparent 11’s in a brick stitch along all the thread path that was visable. If I would have realized how labor intense this was I may have picked a “better” color, or something that was more vibrant, “out of the box”, either way, at least they work well together and it solved my problem of too much thread showing.

Really I don’t feel that I’m doing any serious designing, just practicing different methods that I learn, and then trying different beads to see how things work. There are so many great beaders out there, as I have been surfing and finding some french bloggers who are astounding in their patterns and discipline of color, pattern and texture. I have only been doing this seriously for about three years. I don’t count my earlier endeavers with beads amounting to much. I used the wrong thread, the wrong needles and only had limited amounts of beads. But I did some great cross stitch. I will have to photograph that some time and show you that.

This weekend I did not do as much beading as I had hoped, but continued on working on a design that I obtained from Ruby’s Beadwork. This is a pattern that she has on her website. But I will show you pictures of it after I get it a little more done. I am going to try it again in a different color scheme, at it is one of those “star” patterns, or “flower” patterns, and I really want it to get absorbed in my head so I must do at least two. So that is what I have been doing. Actually I am in the market for a new recliner as I have damaged the one I currently use so I have been shopping.

See you in a day or so when I get some photos taken.

Thanks for tuning in!


tomorrow is beading day

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and exercise day for me. We are expecting some decent temps, so that will give me a chance to walk the neighborhood and see what the flowers and trees are up to.

I haven’t given you any new pictures lately, I guess my progress slowed down with the last necklace I made. I will post some photos of it tomorrow. I just cant get a good photo of it in the nighttime light. I try different settings, but the flash can be so strong sometimes, and then it focuses on my background fabric. etc, etc. Anyways, it was a right angle weave chip necklace that I brick stitched all the thread that was showing through. The brick stitch really took a while to complete, but it looks cool.

Here are some other photos.


Here is a version of netting stitch necklace. The photo shows the various bead colors better than actuality. They were aqua silver lined 11’s and iris blue 11’s. They really didn’t show off much contrast after all. Sometimes I get fairly shy on my colors until I put one together, then see how it pans out. This one called for a full collar but I got tired of this pattern and just did a RAW strand ending with a turquoise bead and loop closure. I also made it a little long, I like my collars now a days to be just longer than my neck.

Here is a close up.



This one was one of my first netting projects ever. I haven’t done too many since, but I do have plans to do so.


Here is a couple of bracelets that I made with cube beads. I used larger string, because I figured I needed to make them more durable etc. The one on the left is peyote stitch with swarovski findings stitched on top with a quartz bead as a button for closure. The one on the right is peyote stitch with nbelebe stitch in 8’s. I made my own toggle for this one on the right. Both are my designs. Made in spring 2007.


The other side of those bracelets.

Thanks once again for tuning in. I will take some photos for you tomorrow. See you then and happy beading.