tomorrow is beading day

and exercise day for me. We are expecting some decent temps, so that will give me a chance to walk the neighborhood and see what the flowers and trees are up to.

I haven’t given you any new pictures lately, I guess my progress slowed down with the last necklace I made. I will post some photos of it tomorrow. I just cant get a good photo of it in the nighttime light. I try different settings, but the flash can be so strong sometimes, and then it focuses on my background fabric. etc, etc. Anyways, it was a right angle weave chip necklace that I brick stitched all the thread that was showing through. The brick stitch really took a while to complete, but it looks cool.

Here are some other photos.


Here is a version of netting stitch necklace. The photo shows the various bead colors better than actuality. They were aqua silver lined 11’s and iris blue 11’s. They really didn’t show off much contrast after all. Sometimes I get fairly shy on my colors until I put one together, then see how it pans out. This one called for a full collar but I got tired of this pattern and just did a RAW strand ending with a turquoise bead and loop closure. I also made it a little long, I like my collars now a days to be just longer than my neck.

Here is a close up.



This one was one of my first netting projects ever. I haven’t done too many since, but I do have plans to do so.


Here is a couple of bracelets that I made with cube beads. I used larger string, because I figured I needed to make them more durable etc. The one on the left is peyote stitch with swarovski findings stitched on top with a quartz bead as a button for closure. The one on the right is peyote stitch with nbelebe stitch in 8’s. I made my own toggle for this one on the right. Both are my designs. Made in spring 2007.


The other side of those bracelets.

Thanks once again for tuning in. I will take some photos for you tomorrow. See you then and happy beading.



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