Yep, I finally got some pictures of the necklace that I made last weekend.


This was the one good shot I got of it on one day. Here are some more I got yesterday. The natural light is all it takes for my camera to take up close shots.




Wow, nice close up shot there, if only slightly off focus. I wanted you to see this detail of my brick stitched seed beads running along the thread that was showing. This was what was taking the longest on this necklace to complete.


My typical closure, this one is a glass czech bead and loop closure, with some quartz beads as highlights.



This one is one of my designs. This is a rose quartz chip RAW necklace stitched with some brown nymo thread. I inserted some rainbow charcoal transparent 11’s in a brick stitch along all the thread path that was visable. If I would have realized how labor intense this was I may have picked a “better” color, or something that was more vibrant, “out of the box”, either way, at least they work well together and it solved my problem of too much thread showing.

Really I don’t feel that I’m doing any serious designing, just practicing different methods that I learn, and then trying different beads to see how things work. There are so many great beaders out there, as I have been surfing and finding some french bloggers who are astounding in their patterns and discipline of color, pattern and texture. I have only been doing this seriously for about three years. I don’t count my earlier endeavers with beads amounting to much. I used the wrong thread, the wrong needles and only had limited amounts of beads. But I did some great cross stitch. I will have to photograph that some time and show you that.

This weekend I did not do as much beading as I had hoped, but continued on working on a design that I obtained from Ruby’s Beadwork. This is a pattern that she has on her website. But I will show you pictures of it after I get it a little more done. I am going to try it again in a different color scheme, at it is one of those “star” patterns, or “flower” patterns, and I really want it to get absorbed in my head so I must do at least two. So that is what I have been doing. Actually I am in the market for a new recliner as I have damaged the one I currently use so I have been shopping.

See you in a day or so when I get some photos taken.

Thanks for tuning in!



2 Responses to “finally!”

  1. subeeds Says:

    The necklace is gorgeous!! I know what you mean about the French beaders-they just blow my mind. I don’t know what it is that makes their beading so incredible, but it is incredible. I love Ruby’s site, too. She has some really helpful stuff on there. I did her lattice bracelet for the first bracelet I ever made. She’s a sweetheart, too.

  2. beadnfun Says:

    Speaking of ruby’s site, next is a necklace I made from her site. Thanks for commenting.

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