I finished a necklace…

I finished a necklace this weekend. This was a pattern I obtained from Rubysbeadwork.com. She has some wonderful tutorials and images of her own and other beader’s work showing variations of her designs. It is a wealth of information, especially if you follow some of the links that she has on these bonus pages. I always keep her page in my bookmarks as it is a valuable source for me.

The necklace that I made was listed on Ruby’s site under “Star” bracelet. Though I have been making alot of necklaces, chokers, collars of late as the job that I have currently is not kindly to bracelets. I have my hands in the water alot so I do not want to mildew the thread in my bracelets. And I like to show off my work, so I can wear my necklaces. Here is the Star Necklace, well the start of it anyway.


Here are the close up shots.



This last shot shows you the loop or “star” without the middle bead inserted. I kept getting mixed up on this, as I guess I am “in the round inept”. I seem to take a little while to get these “stars” under my belt. This pattern on Ruby’s site has two different methods. I used Sandra Halpenny’s method of one constant thread, this is my preferred method. I think I was having problems with this one because some times I do not keep up on it in a long enough “block” of time. I think I have the proper method down now.

Anyway I did finish this necklace on Saturday, I will take some pictures to upload Sunday. I started working on a St Petersburg Chain necklace after the necklace. It is coming together really nicely so I am excited to try this in a couple of different styles.

Thanks for catching up with me. I get slow progress sometimes and I don’t necessarily have new pictures on a daily basis, which is why there has been a little lapse of time between blogs.

Oh and a special happy birthday to Dad. He turned 77 yesterday!

Okay, obviously I need to go take some photos of my Dad with his eyes open! Here he is with Nathan before the haircut. You saw photos of Nathan a few posts ago after he had graduated from Boot Camp in the Marines. This photo above was taken in 2006 or so.

See you soon and thanks again for the comments!



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