Star Necklace

Here is the finished Star Necklace that I learned from Ruby’s Beadwork. Her tutorials are great like I said yesterday, and for a bonus she adds different styles made by other beaders and links to their pages. Some of her tutorials have different ways to get the same results. This necklace that I made roll down to the bottom of the Star necklace for Sandra Halpenny’s version of it so that you can use one continuous strand.





I made a choker of this necklace. I did not let it hang down too low as I like to wear these at work.

So yesterday I put a photo of my dad up on my blog in celebration of his 77th birthday. I have since pulled that photo in search of another one.


Here is some of the beads I used for what I am currently working on. I started this Saturday evening after finishing the Star Necklace. This was taken on Sunday after getting some of it done.


This is in the current issue of Bead and Button Magazine. You know how I love to get working on those as soon as I can. But much of the time if I already have something occupying my silver platter, I will resist. So I resisted till the Star was done.


So this is called a Saint Petersburg Chain. This is the first time I have ever done it and am making very good progress with it. I guess it is easier than the Star was, and my brain is wrapping around it better.


I don’t know but I guess part of it is that I picked out some nice colors and combinations.  They wanted me to use a czech firepolish bead, but I didn’t have enough of them in one color, so I went for some of these Swarovski glass pearls.   I’m starting on another piece of this, and I guess then I join the two pieces together and then add the closure.  I will keep you updated of course on this.

Thanks for checking it out as always.  See you later, and happy beading!



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