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time for another post

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I was sick this weekend, so I only had to occasion to do some mushroom hunting with my husband. The weather here has turned cold, so we just got wet and cold.  Though now we are seeing some of the purple blossoms of spring showing themselves.  But I did take some nice pictures of the woods the other day.

with some lovely flowers growing very close to the ground, you almost wouldn’t notice them.

and this close up of an may apple.

The weather is starting to heat up again, so I will put some more shots of our lilac bush up for you to see.  I promise I will be beading again soon!

Thanks for tuning in!



another update

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Yes I finally finished the peyote band bracelet and I have pictures to prove it!  It just took me a while as the weather finally started to stay above 30, so reason to celebrate and reducing the size of my beading bottom, go out and get some exercise!  So I have been neglecting my beading, but not my bottom and trying to get out walking a teensy little more than usual.  Well at least on the weekend!

Here are the updated photos.   Just long in coming.

This is of course the close up.  It doesn’t look as bright as what you see here, as the flash has a tendency to “light up” my pieces.  Since I don’t have the ability to focus manually, or haven’t figured it out yet I just do the best that I can with natural light and my flash.  I can’t seem to turn it off?  The flash I mean.

Here are more.

another shot.

above shows the two loop closure that I so often use.

and the opposite side which shows the “lentil” mother of pearl bead I used.  This bracelet was done with delica beads, an assortment of colors, but basically smoke rainbow clear, black matte, and pinkish clear inside, and then I had an assortment of delica “soup” that I culled out colors that coordinated with the three basic colors so that I could stretch out the other beads.

So there it is.

I also worked on another type of necklace from the new bead and button magazine, but my supplies were lacking, and I know the way the instructions for this was laid out was that I would need those sizes it asked for, so I was trying to adapt the design with the beads I had available.  I got a few sections kind of close to the picture, except I was doing two “layers” instead of the four “layers” in the magazine.  Well I started doing one loop wrong, and then I added this bit, and then I got this bit wrong….dang it!  The scissors took care of it though.  So I started doing some basic chevron stitch necklace.  Sometimes you just have to keep adapting some of the simple things over and over and see how different beads work with the pattern.  Here is what I have so far.

And here is a comparison with another necklace I made which I really like.

So anyway, thanks for looking today and I will try to keep you up to date on what I’ve been making.

See you soon


I decided to add some photos

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so sometimes I just don’t get it all done, but tonight my husband suggested that I give you guys something to read.  I guess I just don’t have that magical lyrical way with words, but I just tell it like it is.  What I am doing, how I’m doing it, and what my technique is.  Not  a lot of filler.  Partly my excuse is on most days that I have been working and on my feet for the past nine hours and I enjoy a little down time just browsing on the computer and hanging with my husband.  Though he is browsing at the same time, we still are “together”.  But he talked me into giving you guys something and here is what I have been working on.

The last photo that I took of this and posted earlier didn’t seem to focus, but this time I think I got some good shots.  I guess it is just taking the camera outside and getting it used to real sunshine and regular stuff, like flowers, instead of all this macro close up work in a dark room with artificial light.  Here are some more.

The camera really picked up the colors on this but when you look at this it is a little more subtle.

This last photo shows you my first shell bead closure on one side added.  I’m going to do two on one side with loops on the opposite side.  I really like this type of closure because it is secure, it goes well with the design, as I can pick out the bead and components and it is easy to put on your own wrist with the help of someone else.  You know how it is, you are trying to open a clasp with your short fingernails, and then the thing twists inside out or something like that, and then you have to hold the clasp down while trying to get it in some funky jump ring that is moving about.  It’s enough to drive one insane.  This is the way I  have solved that dilemma.  I easily put it on by myself, it doesn’t twist or come off easily.  You have to make sure to get the loop on the opposite side just slightly bigger than the the “button” or “bead” on the opposite side, but not too loose or it will fall off.  Especially if it is a necklace.

Anyway I will show you the finished piece when I get it done.  Usually my pieces do not take this long to complete, but I’ve been trying to fill up the weekend with “other” things.  Imagine?

See you in the next day or so, Thanks for tuning in!


We even recently had snow

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but I’m not going to show you pictures of that, because it was hard to snap a picture of it.  But the flowers survived and they are thriving.

Not sure if this was in the previous post or not.  Tomorrow I will get out the camera and take a few more of the most recent blooms.  I also have little sprouts coming up, even though we had some fairly cool weather last night.  We did cover up the lettuce and spinach with the tarp so it should survive.  If not I have plenty more seed where that came from!

I even got a single flower here I tried to get a good picture of it with my “point and shoot”.

I even saw a few more tiny flowers out there today.  I better get as many photos of these flowers as I can cause I know they don’t last forever, and they sure look pretty in my backyard.  It is the only time in the season where it gets sunshine.  Once the leaves fill out, it is a fairly dark space.

See what I mean, gorgeous!  I love spring.

I took some photos of the bracelet that I am working on and I will post those tomorrow.  Sorry for the wait, but some times my “time” disappears!   I wish I was as good as thepioneerwoman at posting, but then again she has all that scenery and cowboys and mustangs to shoot.  Me, I have cats, lots of cats!

See you soon thanks for dropping by!


Spring flowers are blooming!

Posted in hobbies on April 9, 2008 by beadnfun

What a great time of year. I really get a little stir crazy when the weather stays at 30 and under for weeks and weeks and weeks. When we get the 60’s more steadily, the beading falls short, but the exercise is on. So are the flowers! We were lucky to have a gardener live here before us and she surrounded the house with all these bulbs and things. So here is what we see in our back yard this week!

Well never mind, apparently wordpress has updated this site and I have to figure out how to publish photos I just downloaded. I get to relearn it all again. See you later.

and more!

So I guess I did figure it out, with my husband’s help.  Man I tell you if he were not sitting next to me when I have a dilemma as this, I don’t know what I would do.  Well, it probably would not get done.  My and technology are not always on the same page!

Talk to you later


just to let you know….

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I’ve been trying to finish up the pink,purple and black delica bead band that I started and showed you a picture of in the last post. I know have it about 5 inches long, so getting close to the end. I have not been able to devote as much time to the bead work now that the spring is coming. I’ve been doing some exercise to get rid of the bead flab that has stuck to my hiney this winter. It is always something to think about once the cold chill of the winter starts to wear down

I have been a little more devoted to getting some plants in the ground….or not the ground this year. I may plant some potatoes. But we have a house that is surrounded by giganticus trees. My husband bought the house like that on purpose! I guess it has to do with his silky white skin that burns under incandescent lights! Okay not really, but he loves his shade. Added bonus, almost know grass cutting for us. Our mower still seems like the brand new model that he bought six years ago!

So I have about 15% of a fifth of an acre for a garden. So this year I’m going with a container and bucket garden. I have been mixing my soils and rabbit poo together and planting some varieties of lettuce. We love our salads. We are health nuts in the summer, and a little lazier in the winter. And I just want to do my part growing my own victory garden and getting the greens as fresh as possible. I always have grown stuff, at least once I grew up my self. I love to buy lots of garden plants, and surrounding my house with them.

But this is a new place for me to live, and like I said Lots of shade. So I am starting small. Anyway last year I did try to plant some lettuce, and sweet peas in the ground, everything was coming up fairly well, then one morning I looked at all the lettuce in the containers was doing real well, but the stuff in the ground-at ground level-was shorn down to the little bitty roots. I guess it was slugs, or rabbits. Though we have a giant fence all around the backyard, so I guess it was slugs. Anyway I didn’t trust eating the stuff on the ground after that. Plus the soil is kind of weak, so I am adding more rabbit poo to it this year, and planting more stuff in containers. You just have to water it well every day and then in the evening sometimes too. So that is my excuse for not getting my beading done as well as before.

I did take some great pictures of our shady backyard today though, and tomorrow I will be posting some photos of the jonquils and the other stuff as well. I have to figure out the name of it. sorry.

Thanks for reading. see you tomorrow.