I decided to add some photos

so sometimes I just don’t get it all done, but tonight my husband suggested that I give you guys something to read.  I guess I just don’t have that magical lyrical way with words, but I just tell it like it is.  What I am doing, how I’m doing it, and what my technique is.  Not  a lot of filler.  Partly my excuse is on most days that I have been working and on my feet for the past nine hours and I enjoy a little down time just browsing on the computer and hanging with my husband.  Though he is browsing at the same time, we still are “together”.  But he talked me into giving you guys something and here is what I have been working on.

The last photo that I took of this and posted earlier didn’t seem to focus, but this time I think I got some good shots.  I guess it is just taking the camera outside and getting it used to real sunshine and regular stuff, like flowers, instead of all this macro close up work in a dark room with artificial light.  Here are some more.

The camera really picked up the colors on this but when you look at this it is a little more subtle.

This last photo shows you my first shell bead closure on one side added.  I’m going to do two on one side with loops on the opposite side.  I really like this type of closure because it is secure, it goes well with the design, as I can pick out the bead and components and it is easy to put on your own wrist with the help of someone else.  You know how it is, you are trying to open a clasp with your short fingernails, and then the thing twists inside out or something like that, and then you have to hold the clasp down while trying to get it in some funky jump ring that is moving about.  It’s enough to drive one insane.  This is the way I  have solved that dilemma.  I easily put it on by myself, it doesn’t twist or come off easily.  You have to make sure to get the loop on the opposite side just slightly bigger than the the “button” or “bead” on the opposite side, but not too loose or it will fall off.  Especially if it is a necklace.

Anyway I will show you the finished piece when I get it done.  Usually my pieces do not take this long to complete, but I’ve been trying to fill up the weekend with “other” things.  Imagine?

See you in the next day or so, Thanks for tuning in!



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