We even recently had snow

but I’m not going to show you pictures of that, because it was hard to snap a picture of it.  But the flowers survived and they are thriving.

Not sure if this was in the previous post or not.  Tomorrow I will get out the camera and take a few more of the most recent blooms.  I also have little sprouts coming up, even though we had some fairly cool weather last night.  We did cover up the lettuce and spinach with the tarp so it should survive.  If not I have plenty more seed where that came from!

I even got a single flower here I tried to get a good picture of it with my “point and shoot”.

I even saw a few more tiny flowers out there today.  I better get as many photos of these flowers as I can cause I know they don’t last forever, and they sure look pretty in my backyard.  It is the only time in the season where it gets sunshine.  Once the leaves fill out, it is a fairly dark space.

See what I mean, gorgeous!  I love spring.

I took some photos of the bracelet that I am working on and I will post those tomorrow.  Sorry for the wait, but some times my “time” disappears!   I wish I was as good as thepioneerwoman at posting, but then again she has all that scenery and cowboys and mustangs to shoot.  Me, I have cats, lots of cats!

See you soon thanks for dropping by!



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