another update

Yes I finally finished the peyote band bracelet and I have pictures to prove it!  It just took me a while as the weather finally started to stay above 30, so reason to celebrate and reducing the size of my beading bottom, go out and get some exercise!  So I have been neglecting my beading, but not my bottom and trying to get out walking a teensy little more than usual.  Well at least on the weekend!

Here are the updated photos.   Just long in coming.

This is of course the close up.  It doesn’t look as bright as what you see here, as the flash has a tendency to “light up” my pieces.  Since I don’t have the ability to focus manually, or haven’t figured it out yet I just do the best that I can with natural light and my flash.  I can’t seem to turn it off?  The flash I mean.

Here are more.

another shot.

above shows the two loop closure that I so often use.

and the opposite side which shows the “lentil” mother of pearl bead I used.  This bracelet was done with delica beads, an assortment of colors, but basically smoke rainbow clear, black matte, and pinkish clear inside, and then I had an assortment of delica “soup” that I culled out colors that coordinated with the three basic colors so that I could stretch out the other beads.

So there it is.

I also worked on another type of necklace from the new bead and button magazine, but my supplies were lacking, and I know the way the instructions for this was laid out was that I would need those sizes it asked for, so I was trying to adapt the design with the beads I had available.  I got a few sections kind of close to the picture, except I was doing two “layers” instead of the four “layers” in the magazine.  Well I started doing one loop wrong, and then I added this bit, and then I got this bit wrong….dang it!  The scissors took care of it though.  So I started doing some basic chevron stitch necklace.  Sometimes you just have to keep adapting some of the simple things over and over and see how different beads work with the pattern.  Here is what I have so far.

And here is a comparison with another necklace I made which I really like.

So anyway, thanks for looking today and I will try to keep you up to date on what I’ve been making.

See you soon



2 Responses to “another update”

  1. Katerinka Says:

    I like so much this peyote technique. But I haven’t tried it yet. Great bracelet!! And colours are very interesting!! I like it very much!!

  2. Katerinka Says:

    I’ll be very glad, if you visit my blog,, maybe you’ll find something interesting for yourself!!

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