spring pictures!

I haven’t been beading lately, but do have some lovely photos.

and the purples are starting to show, but now they are faded. I’m glad I got these pictures when I could.

And the best part of these photos is I figured out that my point and shoot camera does have depth-of-field.  That was always one of my favorite parts of taking SLR photos, but I don’t have that type of camera right now just this cute little point and shoot….so I stood on the back deck and there were these beautiful limbs just a couple of inches away and I have depth-of-field!!!

I also started some plantings, though the temperature has cooled a bit.  But I’m using recycled buckets from work and they are working out real well.  I had trouble last year with something eating the stuff I put down in my ground level garden, so I’m still going to plant something in there this year, but my delectable lettuce is going in plenty of these containers.

And we’ve even had some cold days still.  Hopefully they will be able to grow after this weekend to their full potential, and my enjoyment.

of course in many of the woods there are these little beauties growing,  Hey I was excited about my depth-of -field.

It’s the little things!

Thanks for turning in I will take some more photos this weekend.  Hopefully get a little bit of jewelry made as well.

Talk to you soon.



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