I’ve been exercising lately….

especially the last couple of weeks.  In addition for working this summer in a different building, it was a little change of pace for me, but I’ve been trying real hard to walk at least two miles a night by the time I get off of work.   Now I have a few days off and I am trying to put in hours of walking instead of miles.

Today after I got off work, I was able to put in two hours of walking instead.  I try to do this so that I can handle the amount of walking that my job requires.  The better shape I get in while I’m off makes it easier for me when I start in August.  Soon.

Yes I have been doing a little beading lately, but have not taken any pictures lately, but will get right on that.  I’ve been making some peyote bands with a theme color, but using some of my assortments just to use them.

see you soon, thanks for being you



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