I’ve been beading again….

and trying to get some exercise as well.  I stand on my feet for hours everyday, so right now my exercise is the recumbant style.  I’m so glad my husband bought some quality equipment before I met him!    So I will post some pictures soon of some of the projects that I made and a bead order from recently.

I hadn’t ordered beads for over a year, and thought it was time to again.  I upped my order as I do every time I order so that was kind of exciting.  I was a little bummed that I ordered 4mm swavorski bicones and received 3mm instead.  So I just have been looking for some different projects to use them.  I ordered some cabochons so that I could try some more intense bead embroidery and getting inspiration from Sherry Serefini’s site.  She is incredible because she picks her colors and puts a few elements together but doesn’t do “designing” on paper.  I love that as some times just reading some of the instructions are enough, let alone to follow a pattern on graph paper.  But that may be explains some of my problems that I encounter.

I will upload some photos soon and take some pictures of some of my current projects.  I’m working on a collar necklace and doing some bead embroidery on a craft store bag.

See ya soon



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