I’m hoping for some current pictures on my camera….

Hello, I’ve been furiously working on a necklace from Bead and Button Magazine.  Sometimes, I only work on them for an hour or so, then put them down for a day or two, while trying to get chores done, or so forth.   But this design is definatly right up my alley.  I love some of these complicated pieces, because they are fabulous to hold and feel, the texture, the weight and the drape.  And definatly the “wow” factor.  So the piece I’m working on is the netted necklace by Aasia Hamid in the BB issue of April 2009.  She calls this piece “Netting Creative Network”, so basically a base of netting with loops of beads across the whole piece accented by larger focal beads.



So this is basically the starting point…it is the middle of the length of the front collar of the necklace.  I started this about two weeks ago, but like I said I put things off, as I have also been working on some bead embroidery projects as well.


Here it is coming together, I’m getting ready to start in the center to finish the bib part.  I have a habit of tying off my ends.  I get frazzled if I have strings dangling around to tie into later.  I might as well do it and change course when my thread finishes. (sorry a tangent!)


Now this is more how it looks after today.


This was what it looked like this morning.  I worked on it on Friday and Saturday for a couple of hours. And then I hit it again today while my husband was at his second job.


So it is getting closer to being the right size.  I kind of like my necklaces to be a little shorter on my neck than longer.  I have to wear a polo shirt uniform and I like to wear them there where people can actually see them, instead them being down in my cleavage or hanging out in my bra.  Plus I have to do alot of leaning over and I don’t like them dangling and bobbing.

Really I have alot of other things to show you, but I need to take some pictures.  I really have been doing some beading lately, I know that I have grown a larger rear because of it, but now the weather is turning and my exercise level is up.

I also got a bead order in January and haven’t posted those pictures yet, here is a preview.  I will post some more tomorrow.


I’m blessed to be able to order from a catalog instead of just having to buy my beads at the local craft store.  There my in-between bead buying fixes.  Man I sure wish there was some large bead stores around middle America.

Thanks for tuning in!



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