I’ve had a few days off so….

I was able to work on my project a little.  Housework be damned!   Oh just kidding! I have done some stuff, I’m not a total slacker, but you would never know it if you see the house.    Okay, back to the real deal.


Working on the bib. This was probably Monday, or Tuesday.


A couple of days later I evened out the sides, I did 35 picot points on each side.  The instructions in Bead and Button also have two variables of bib size.  I made mine wide and elegant.  I like volume and weight sometimes in a necklace. This was probably Wednesday.


Here I’ve added the closure.  I found this real nice stone in a batch of stuff that a friend gave me once.  It is some sort of stone.  It fits really tightly though through the loop on the other side.  Hopefully it will loosen up.  Though I do have a tendancy of going through both closures as many times as I can, say about four rotations.  Sometimes it makes for really tightening up my loops.  But hey, you don’t want it to break do you?

This was Thursday.

Now for Friday…


Okay the end of Friday night it was looking kind of like this next picture.


another camera angle.


and a close-up.


Okay, some of the days I have a little mixed up.  I keep telling myself that I’m going to calculate my time and “clock in” so to speak.  At least though I am keeping some notes of the designs that I start if I’m using someones designs. And where I got it from.  So far I haven’t sold much stuff.  I have bartered a few necklaces to a friend and I have given stuff away to some special friends.  Though I keep getting requests cause I wear this stuff like crazy at work so I can show it off.  I finally found that I have some skill at something really tangible and wearable.

Oh yeah, let me show you something I started a while ago, almost one of my first projects ever, but I love it, nontheless.


This is one of those craft bags ready made the art stores sell.  So here I was buying all these assorted bead collections, and had a few around as well, and just started putting parts together.  I know there is no color theme here at all, I just make sure one section of beads is a different color than the next one, and hopefully something that kind of pops.


Here is a picture of Nuggers that I took a couple of weeks ago.  Lately she has been ill, and has lost some weight, so we are praying that she is okay and we can get her healthy again.

Thanks for catching up and happy beading!



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