Haven’t taken pictures today yet….

But I have been working on my necklace.  I have almost finished the other side before the bib starts.


Remember this was where I started today, and now I have the other side almost completed.  I had to put it down after a while.  Ya get kinda crazy after a while.   So tommorrow when the light is better I will take some pictures of my before and after working on it on sunday photos.  I am so happy that I had a few hanks of the color blue for me to go on.  I’ve used about one and one-half hank so far, and the orange beads are some of the ming tree beads, 1/4 lb package, and have used about 1/2 of them so far.  I’m trying to use more of the blue, just because I overbought (12 hanks) of that color, but it worked out beautifully.


Since I have done a little bead embroidery, I figured when I had my last bead order, I would by a mix of some cabochens.  I really was happy with this assortment.  I keep ordering different assortments everytime I order just to see how good the quality is, etc etc.  Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes it wasn’t worth the purchase.

But a couple of issue ago, in Bead and Button, one of the designers did this crazy colored bracelet and it was made up of acrylic beads.  Of course I love the feel of glass, and gemstones, but to see that creation she had made with those funky acrylic beads opened my eyes to what could be done.  And of course, it is cheaper to buy some of those.  Now I just buy some with some really cool cuts, like to briolettes that I bought with my last bead order.  I haven’t used them yet, but I will.


The Broilettes are the package in the top left of this photo.  I will take them out of the package and take a better picture soon.  I love to take pictures of my bead order when it arrives, before the sorting begins.

One of the things that I do these days is to make sure I label the current date, and how much I paid for them.  I always keep the original label with that information if I remove the outer package and store in a cloth bag (as you want to with pearls), so that I know what I paid for the product, and the year, so that I can have a vague idea of the money I put into the project in reflecting a selling price.  I find it really helpful now that I have bought for three years now and the prices have fluctuated because of minimum wage increases, and the current fuel costs, and global costs.


Here is the newest member of the entourage in our house.  He started strolling in for some food and sleep, though he is kind of a neighborhood cat, but we have spayed him and taken him to the vet now, and still comes by on a daily basis.  He has much competition, but has been doing well, and calls very loudly at all the doors if he is ready for a visit.

Thanks for tuning in.



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