I’m almost finished.

All I have to do is put on the closure glass button and them I’m done.  I’ve re-inforced the uppermost row with double stitching, mainly to tighten it but also to make it stronger.


Sorry, I’m going to take some better pictures of it tomorrow.  This was just a quick shot showing my progress.  I know it is silly to take a picture of it in a silver tray, but I will change my set up later.

I finished up my work for the week, and now I will be able to have a few days off.  Today I was able to enjoy a long walk, a little gardening, and shopping at the farmers market.

Our Farmer’s Market at the Arc has become quite a colossal event.  Usually there are about fifty booths and sometimes there is not a lot of parking.  Mainly because the Junior high school next door has events timed at the same time, and they share parking space.  Today wasn’t so bad if you parked further away you could find something easily, but walked further.


Here is a picture of the Peonies on Campus.  This is near the Geology building at the Francis Quadrangle.  I had my camera around for a couple days.  I wanted to take pictures of some of the kids I work with this week.  Two of them are graduating, one is staying for the summer though, but one of them is leaving for his future adventures.


Here is P and B talking shop.  This is the inside view of the cafe.


This is the view the customers see.  Inviting!  If you in the School of Journalism or nearby, come on in.  We make you sandwiches toasted and made to order.

We will reopen on June 4th after a brief holiday.


This was taken looking toward the Switzler Hall.  The oldest building existing on Campus, built 1870.  I will take more pictures of the building.  These are some of the flowering trees that are blooming right now.


Okay, found a side view of the Switzler Hall.

I’ll show you more tomorrow.

Later C


One Response to “I’m almost finished.”

  1. unknowntheartist Says:

    don’t even worry about the pic- it’s not bad at all, I think the work is absolutely gorgeous, even in progress. lovely work 🙂

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