Another project done.

Okay, so I’ve been working on another project, though way more simplified, so it is not taking three weeks of my time, on and off.  I started this last night, and finished tonight.  I could have done it all in one night, but sometimes, you have to put a project aside to get some of the beads right.  I would still have liked a little more contrast though.  I am becoming incredibly monochramatic as of late.

Any who…Lets see what pictures I have taken lately.


At the end of a school year our company puts together a little get together so all the units can see each other.  We get to work at other units at certain times of the year so it is a chance to see some of the other co-workers.  Here is Angie and Adela.


Here is Shelly working at one of the stations for an “Iron Chef” type competition.


Sonji and Rob….

this is where the batteries decided they didn’t want to shoot any more photos.  This was only 30 minutes into the event.  Sadly I missed some good photos….


Here is where I work.  Come and visit me if you are in the Reynolds Journalism Institute in Downtown Columbia on the University of Missouri Campus.  This is the J Cafe…Come on by.


Our staff is there to serve you.


Here is our new boy Dude.  He’s becoming a little bit of a cuddle bunny.  Though with his feral nature I approach this cautiously.

Thanks for tuning in.



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