Are you ready?

Okay, I’ll let you in on the surprise.


My husband was able to buy this beauty from one of his dear friends.   It is previously owned but superbly works for me.  So far I am reading the manual and some other user guides from the internet….but now my head is fried and I just have to get out there and try it out.


Luckily this little baby loads pictures into my computer with this white cable ( I guess Digital Cable) just like the other Canon camera that I have been using for the past year and a half.  Sweet.  I was afraid to try it, but it works exactly the same.  That way I can shoot photos, load them in my computer instantly, and keep you informed of what I saw today, or yesterday, or last week.  I’ve already practiced a couple of hundred shots with it!  I love that continuous shot…I’ve been using that on my on my powershot as well.  It really helps when you have kids, or kitties that move or just won’t pose properly.


See, like this was an nice close-up of Roscoe’s ear.  Love it!


Tried for some close-up of the Dude, but he was a little hard to shoot, because of his incredibly dark coat, and was having a little bit of an issue with the strobe effect of the flash.  This was not with flash….


but, see this one was, as was the freakish expression on his face after the third flash photo….the strobe effect was always a surprise, even after repeated shots.

So reading the book led to some questions, which I need to experiment with….pages and pages of “white balance”, hey I just want to know how to change the fstop.  This camera is so much more automatic than the last one I had in my hand over 16 years ago.  I am so glad this is not a film camera as well.  I love the digital.


Here is our gorgeous girl….no flash can you tell…I did have the lamp on though.


Either way I have some practicing to do….as well as some steady hands.


as well as learning what “white balance” means, and how to use the setting.  I thought I was setting the fstop, but I figured on the lcd screen, when the number is low, I get more white, the higher the number, it doesn’t get so washed out.   More pictures to come….



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