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Sideways peyote stitch

Posted in cats, flowers on June 19, 2009 by beadnfun

Okay, I’m not sure what you would really call it.  I decided I wanted the flow of the necklace to be long-ways instead of “short-ways”.  Instead of across the shortside….anyway, I am confusing myself.  Here is how this necklace started out.



Okay, so first picture is my row of beads, this next photo shows my two drop peyote on the long side.  I wanted this necklace to flow along the length of the necklace, instead of across the necklace.  These are some of those hex shaped delica beads size 11’s.


This one shows a nice close up shot.


Here it is with about six rows.


Here it is with 12 rows added.  I wanted to show also where I am adding some 6 mm bicone crystal beads periodically along the length.  The length of the bicones is about three beads across, so I am creating little windows  as I bead these in. Then I am reinforcing them by stitching them into the piece a couple of extra passes.


Another view.  I have now got about 20 rows on this one worked up, but have not taken any pictures in a week or so of this project.  In the meantime I’ve been shooting these kind of pictures.


no no, not really.  I was just testing the camera on this guy.


I work in the building to the left, the two windows left of the left lampost.  See I’m trying to figure out all the buttons on the camera to see what they do.  This must have been the over white wash out button.


but obviously this was the “I will do everything for you” button.  See I can take a better picture.

I’m just trying to figure out the “creative zones” of the camera. See, I’ll show you.


See told you.


See…automatic settings.

This is Swallow Hall.  It is the middle section of the “Geography”  and “Geology” buildings.  Both were some built as some of the orignal campus buildings built from 1892-1896.  I don’t know if Swallow Hall was built as a joiner building to join the two.  I will find out.

Bye for now



art in the park, farmers market saturdays

Posted in flowers on June 9, 2009 by beadnfun

This Saturday was filled with a few adventures.  Since I have a camera to experiment with these days I have been trying to get some good shots in.  Haven’t taken nearly as many as I expected too.  I think it is the whole carrying around a camera at all times I have to get used to.

So here is a few.


I got some crowd shots.


more random crowds.


Here is some colorful artwork….I didn’t know if I should be posting these though?  That is why I took alot of crowd shots.


rather than specific pieces of artwork.  Though I loved this.  This guy is covered in all kinds of recycled materials.  So fascinating.


This is the body of the fish.  At least a close up.


I saw this kid!

actually I know this guy.


Here is another one of him.  I took a few of him, but only got a couple of good ones of him.  He moves quickly.


Lynn was there showing some kids technique on the pottery wheel.


Before Art in the Park, I went to the Farmers Market.

Okay, for now I am going to rest.  This has made me get sleepy.

Thanks for tuning in.


Working on another necklace…imagine….

Posted in beading on June 7, 2009 by beadnfun

Okay, I finished an anklet for a friend of mine at work.  She requested purple.


I was trying out the new camera, see how my focus is more intricate than with my point and shoot?


This is a little bit more spread out shot.  This is peyote stitch with fringe on one side and picot edging on the other.  I finished it with shell lentil bead and loop closure.


See, well the bead is out of focus, but the loom part is in sharp focus.  The black necklace next to that is my next project.  I will show you a little more detail on that one tomorrow.  I have alot of photos of that one.

Thanks for checking in.


what I did this weekend!

Posted in cats on June 2, 2009 by beadnfun

I took photos.  Okay, with the point and shoot I think I racked up about 447 photos, hey, though who’s counting?

Okay Me.

But you may realize I have 87 shot of Goblins, 44 shots of The Dude, 62 shots of Yippers, 14 of Whiskers and 10 of Roscoe, oh and some Farmers Market shots as well.

Whanna see?


See I’m trying to use the “Creative Zones”.   Obviously I have lots to learn.


Okay enough…she says.


I took pictures of my dad.


He’s making dinner.


The lens is a 60 mm f/2.8, which I’m learning a little on.  You have to stand back kind of far away it dad’s kitchen.




go away!

This is after I had taken 30 continous shots of him in a couple of minutes.


The Dude was not falling for it!


Whiskers is shell shocked after 14 pictures with the flash on….she’s stunned!


Okay, here is one of the Dude, outside no flash.  Took me about 30 photos before I got five of them with no blur.  I had my elbows propped on my knees just trying to get the no blur look.  This was close.


I’m giggling so hard doing this post, seeing these larger pictures of my kitties expressions that Roscoe wanted to see what was up….oh he is up, see above!


I ain’t buying it…here’s a hairball…aaach….aach.

Bye for now, tomorrow river shots.

Thank for tuning in