what I did this weekend!

I took photos.  Okay, with the point and shoot I think I racked up about 447 photos, hey, though who’s counting?

Okay Me.

But you may realize I have 87 shot of Goblins, 44 shots of The Dude, 62 shots of Yippers, 14 of Whiskers and 10 of Roscoe, oh and some Farmers Market shots as well.

Whanna see?


See I’m trying to use the “Creative Zones”.   Obviously I have lots to learn.


Okay enough…she says.


I took pictures of my dad.


He’s making dinner.


The lens is a 60 mm f/2.8, which I’m learning a little on.  You have to stand back kind of far away it dad’s kitchen.




go away!

This is after I had taken 30 continous shots of him in a couple of minutes.


The Dude was not falling for it!


Whiskers is shell shocked after 14 pictures with the flash on….she’s stunned!


Okay, here is one of the Dude, outside no flash.  Took me about 30 photos before I got five of them with no blur.  I had my elbows propped on my knees just trying to get the no blur look.  This was close.


I’m giggling so hard doing this post, seeing these larger pictures of my kitties expressions that Roscoe wanted to see what was up….oh he is up, see above!


I ain’t buying it…here’s a hairball…aaach….aach.

Bye for now, tomorrow river shots.

Thank for tuning in



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