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Bead projects … on hold for a bit

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Housework can be so dangerous .....

Housework can be so dangerous .....


Let me introduce you to….

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She is our top cat, Alpha Cat.  Boss Lady extraordinaire.


She is the one that taught us what a cat was really like.  She sits in your lap and purrs very loudly, she talks to us, she asks us to refill her water, and she can be very demanding.


She is also our tripod.   She lost one of her back legs years ago.  Probably got hit by a car.  My husband found her with an injured leg and tried to make it heal, but eventually the inevitable happened and now she has three legs.  Which she handles with amazing grace.


It is pretty amazing to see her climb those stairs, a little of clawing, then pulling her way up.  We want her to get as much exercise as possible.  Though sometimes we give her a human lift up those stairs.


She likes to play with the fishing pole and loves the little red light on hubby’s keychain. Oh what fun!


I think that she is an American Shorthair, because she has that real round face, and she kind of squawks when she “meows”.  She is adorable.


Yep, this photo is right side up, she is scratching her back on the back deck, and me with an extreme close-up.

That is a little photo essay of Gobbies, Goblins, Gobby-lou.  What a girl!

See you later


what I have been up to.

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Uh, not too much right now.  I am still working on my “sideways” peyote stitch band necklace.  Sometimes I just have to set it down for a while and do some other projects…like chores.

Okay, also I have been sewing a little, and I will take some pictures of that.  I love to look at some sites that show very old historic clothing that shows the actual sewing done from the 1800’s.  Of course I don’t sew like that, but I do try to imitate it.  It has been years since I did needlepoint work, or thread work for the design element.  This project was just joining some similiar fabrics together to make something.  So I made a bandana.  I’m doing a lot of bandana wearing these days, but I just happened to have obtained some quilting scraps that had similar colors and most of the pieces were “squared” or “rectangled”, so it is easy to band a few pieces together to form a large square for a bandana.  I will proceed with that and take some close up photos.  Oh, by the way, the site I love to look at with the very old sewing is called www (dot) vintagetextiles (dot) com.  If you look up the “early” section and click on an item that will take you to the history of the item, as much is obtained at the time of purchase, and also some incredibly detailed shots of how the garment is sewn together.  I love it because it shows the beautiful gorgeous fabrics, that are put together with human hands, not to pristine sewing maching of the later years.

So anyway, that is why I am behind on my peyote band necklace….


One of the few pictures you will see of my husband.  He is detailing the truck he just bought us recently.


Okay, this is what happens when I push “large” photo.    As you see I take like 35 photos of every angle of the truck.


One of the flowers that are blooming on campus.


part of the columns and Jesse Hall.  Taken about three weeks ago.


Yippers.  We found out recently that he is ill.  I’m taking as many pictures as possible.  This was taken end of May 2009, same as these others.


Another gorgeous flower that has been blooming on campus.


This is my sweet little (crazy) girl, Whiskers.


We were at Cooper’s Landing, and we saw this team there. This was May 2009.

See you later, thanks for tuning in