Let me introduce you to….


She is our top cat, Alpha Cat.  Boss Lady extraordinaire.


She is the one that taught us what a cat was really like.  She sits in your lap and purrs very loudly, she talks to us, she asks us to refill her water, and she can be very demanding.


She is also our tripod.   She lost one of her back legs years ago.  Probably got hit by a car.  My husband found her with an injured leg and tried to make it heal, but eventually the inevitable happened and now she has three legs.  Which she handles with amazing grace.


It is pretty amazing to see her climb those stairs, a little of clawing, then pulling her way up.  We want her to get as much exercise as possible.  Though sometimes we give her a human lift up those stairs.


She likes to play with the fishing pole and loves the little red light on hubby’s keychain. Oh what fun!


I think that she is an American Shorthair, because she has that real round face, and she kind of squawks when she “meows”.  She is adorable.


Yep, this photo is right side up, she is scratching her back on the back deck, and me with an extreme close-up.

That is a little photo essay of Gobbies, Goblins, Gobby-lou.  What a girl!

See you later



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