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still taking photos

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yep, i am still taking photos.


it was a little hard to take a photo of my hand with my point and shoot.   here is my hand that has the broken bone in it.  it is the third finger where the bruising is.  my camera phone took a better photo.


here is some of the crew that i work with.  my bosses.


these are some small fringe beads, tiny droplets.


oh i was wondering what this photo was, these are my ming tree beads. here i’ll show you.


i’ve been using these beads for base work,  or filler color for loops on top of a band.  they are not bad, but some are bigger than others, so culling is in order if you want precision.  i have ornela beads, and little bottles of beads if i need better precision.


i always love to buy some of these to keep a few assortments around as well.


okay i better get busy and go to  work.  i will be taking more photos later, i still have only taken pictures of one shelf of stuff, and have about five shelves to go.

bye for now

happy beading.



oh remember this?

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well it is no more.


i tried putting some more beads below this row, and well, i miscalculated my numbers, and i was also running out of the smaller beads, and by the time i had re-inforced it with multiple loops of thread, it was impossible to back track…so i got out my scissors and went to town.  it almost took me longer to take it apart as to make it, not quite, but seemed like it at the time.

now i’m working on a similiar style, but with more, many more of the beads i need.


i’m not using 15’s like i was on the other ones, because i didn’t want too much green on this one since i am using this 4mm gemstone.  i figured the smaller beads in green would just wash out those pretty gemstones.  so i am using white opaque luster 11’s.  some of the ones you buy in the 18 g tube at hobby lobby.  i was going to use some of the ming tree beads that i have but i am using the ming tree beads for backgrounds now.  they are not too bad, but a little more inconsistant.  I also have some hanks of ornelas in my bead stash, but i don’t have any basic white….and they ones i have i haven’t been able to find any duplicates, they are like a white lined crystal bead, gorgeous, but don’t ever see those in catalogs.


i have also been taking more photos of my beads.







just a few shots of some of my stuff.  a few more shelves to go.  this has been fun, testing out my camera as well as creating a visual i can see of my stuff!

see ya soon


Okay, I’ve got an idea,

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and I it the last time I posted….ok enough with the caps.   due to only one-handed typing, please accept my apologies if you are offended with improper grammer and puctuation.

because of this


okay, so i figure i would take pictures of some of my beads, and where they are in the scope of things, glass jars, boxes, etc.  also i can experience the lighting that i have right now as well as a cleaned-off table.

here are some shots.


see this photo is more out of focus as the lighting was dimmer.  in these jars are….


IMG_3267out of the bags.

IMG_3266in the bags.

i like to keep my supplies in the bags.,containers the come in if possible.  that way i can keep the label, product number, etc, and most importantly the price i paid, and year i bought on the package.





cool huh!  i just now finally have photos of all the jars in that one shelf, plus a box of seed beads, and a baking pan with vintage bead pieces shot as wall.  only a few more shelves to go.  i really dont know if i need more beads i have so many.

but it is always fun to get more!


this is the shelf and some of my jars.

i’m using a 60 mm lens 2.8f for these shots.  three table lights with no flash for the bead shots on the walnut table.

I’ll keep shooting more photos.

bye for now


Silly me.

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I’ve been able to hold a camera again.

Though my typing is slow…i guess one handed it ain’t so bad.


Kind of an odd angle, but this is my yellow cast… a yellow light no less.

This is what I was working on before I broke my hand,



So this is a RAW using varying sizes of vintage glass beads.  I,ve had these beads for 25 years, some of the batch I collected years ago when I made my first attempts at beading.



Also used is my 15’s in a peridot color.  I really love to find a beautiful way to re-use beads.   Of course that is nothing new, all of us jewelry artists do that.

Here is what I’ve been doing since losing my dexterity.




Then I recycle all those crazy medicine vials, though the are a struugle to open right now, and put my basic color mixes in them….white + clears, yellows + golds, blues, greens, browns, reds, metallics…etc.   I know most beaders would probably be smart and order “red mix” seed beads from Shipwreck Beads, but mostly I have been buying a random mix each time I order from  Fire Mountain and because they are really random, I’m making it easier on myself…I think.





The above pictures are some of my storage boxes for my beads.  Glass jars, bead shipping boxes, shoe boxes, tins, and almond jars are just some of my reuses for my throw-aways.

As I took this picture though I thought it would be a cool idea to shoot photos of what is inside all those containers!

Today we went to the river.


There was a canoe race, 350 teams racing 300 miles.  We were able to see about ten teams come into shore.



Thanks for tuning in!