Okay, I’ve got an idea,

and I it the last time I posted….ok enough with the caps.   due to only one-handed typing, please accept my apologies if you are offended with improper grammer and puctuation.

because of this


okay, so i figure i would take pictures of some of my beads, and where they are in the scope of things, glass jars, boxes, etc.  also i can experience the lighting that i have right now as well as a cleaned-off table.

here are some shots.


see this photo is more out of focus as the lighting was dimmer.  in these jars are….


IMG_3267out of the bags.

IMG_3266in the bags.

i like to keep my supplies in the bags.,containers the come in if possible.  that way i can keep the label, product number, etc, and most importantly the price i paid, and year i bought on the package.





cool huh!  i just now finally have photos of all the jars in that one shelf, plus a box of seed beads, and a baking pan with vintage bead pieces shot as wall.  only a few more shelves to go.  i really dont know if i need more beads i have so many.

but it is always fun to get more!


this is the shelf and some of my jars.

i’m using a 60 mm lens 2.8f for these shots.  three table lights with no flash for the bead shots on the walnut table.

I’ll keep shooting more photos.

bye for now



2 Responses to “Okay, I’ve got an idea,”

  1. I totally need to get some jars. My supplies are in complete disarray! Oh and I need to learn how to use my supplies. Ah ha

    • hey kristin, thanks for responding. i found your blog already myself. i linked it from somewhere. but i enjoy the combination of fashion textiles and jewelry you talk about. i am a huge fan of blogs,and most of my surfing is from one blog to another.

      i like to use up things for storage that i would of otherwise sent to recycling. lately we have been eating those 3 lbs of almonds in a clear container…i clean those out and out various stuff in those too…there fairly squat and square as well.

      i will be reading about you on your blog….thanks for saying hi!

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