oh remember this?

well it is no more.


i tried putting some more beads below this row, and well, i miscalculated my numbers, and i was also running out of the smaller beads, and by the time i had re-inforced it with multiple loops of thread, it was impossible to back track…so i got out my scissors and went to town.  it almost took me longer to take it apart as to make it, not quite, but seemed like it at the time.

now i’m working on a similiar style, but with more, many more of the beads i need.


i’m not using 15’s like i was on the other ones, because i didn’t want too much green on this one since i am using this 4mm gemstone.  i figured the smaller beads in green would just wash out those pretty gemstones.  so i am using white opaque luster 11’s.  some of the ones you buy in the 18 g tube at hobby lobby.  i was going to use some of the ming tree beads that i have but i am using the ming tree beads for backgrounds now.  they are not too bad, but a little more inconsistant.  I also have some hanks of ornelas in my bead stash, but i don’t have any basic white….and they ones i have i haven’t been able to find any duplicates, they are like a white lined crystal bead, gorgeous, but don’t ever see those in catalogs.


i have also been taking more photos of my beads.







just a few shots of some of my stuff.  a few more shelves to go.  this has been fun, testing out my camera as well as creating a visual i can see of my stuff!

see ya soon



One Response to “oh remember this?”

  1. thebeadden Says:

    I really like the one you are making now! It looks gorgeous. And look at all the goodies you have! Cut seed beads?

    My camera is broken. I am lost without it!

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