okay i can finally type normally…

if there were not one, but two kitties in my lap!

so no caps for now.







I just wanted to show you some of the more fancy beads I’ve been buying.  At first with my buying sprees I went with price and quantity, but now that I have stocked up on some of that I have ventured in to buying small lots of rivolis, and grosses of Swarovski bicones.  I’m still small potatoes.  Since I mainly just fabricate my pieces for myself and some special friends, I am not turning around my projects for money much right now.  Hopefully some day, but I am trying to learn my craft.  I want to be like Laura McCabe, or Sherri Serafini, or Micheal Chatt.

Lately though with my hurt hand I’ve been practicing stringing.  I’ve never been really good with making the 2nd end tight enough without some loose wire.  I also need to work with Fireline so I understand how to use that a little better.

I’ve been busy updating my computer and my phone, so I will post some new photos tomorrow to show you what I’ve been making.  My stringing skills are like my beading was three years ago.

bye for now



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