I’ve been stringing lately

Yep, I keep trying to get my skills better and better.   The more people ask me “Are you selling?”, the more I feel I need to keep upping my game and keep learning new skills.

Well stringing for me was never very good, wrong materials, etc and so forth.  Now I have a few more tools and a few more rolls of tigertail, or Beadalon wire strand product.   So no more thread for me when it comes to stringing.  I bought a bead crimper to try to crimp a little better, then bought some crimps that match the bead crimper.  Now I can pull my opposite end tighter and have less wire showing. That was one of my challenges.





First time I ever used one of these, it was helpful especially with the round beads!  Okay so I made it and…


I strung it, I wore it, and I lost it.  Hopefully some student found it and is enjoying it right now.  It was a little gaudy though, I even put bells on it.  But I guess my duffel bag that I carry to work just made it come off.  I know one thing too, no more jump rings.  Dang those things just don’t stay on the clasp.


Okay, so I’m not a master….I’m just trying to string up some vintage beads I have, or recycling some strings that I had and using some of the beads and adding some fresher ones.

I also took this photo that night.



Love my camera!

Sorry I’ve been lagging on the posts lately.  I do actually have a few photos still to talk about…

Next time, Family reunion.




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