Some of the stuff I’ve been doing.

Lately I told you I’ve been practicing my stringing.  Mainly I’m using up some old vintage beads, as well as some assortments I bought recently from Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby.  You know mixing it up.  So I didn’t want to put a lot of expensive beads on these strands, but still do something reasonable looking.  I definitely decided I wasn’t to crazy about those “unclosed” jump rings.  As a matter of fact I made this necklace.


Okay, not the most awesome necklace, but the colors went well together, there just was too much “too much”.  I guess fate decided I didn’t need to be seen with that necklace, I was wearing it on my way to work, when I was walking to work though I realized I was not wearing it any longer.   The jump ring.  It has an opening.  Urg.   Lost that necklace.  Okay, so now I’ve looking at some of my stash and finding things to hook the clasp to that have solid rings.  I do not have any jump rings that are closed right now.  But even if I would have clasped it to the wire in front of the jump ring it would have saved the necklace.  I guess you just don’t use Jump rings on such a stressful area-your closure-or where you need solidity to handle the weight.  Duh.  But I learned.  Here are some more I worked on.


This is made with old vintage beads-I think they used to have a finish, but I like the smokey glass look that they have now…I teamed them up with some 13 charlottes.  Or 3 cuts.


Here is one of those czech glass mixtures stung with some “hematite look” seed beads.


Here is very pink silver lined 11’s mixed with vintage white glass beads.  I used some fishing findings as a hook on one side, with a starfish as my “button”.


This one is vintage pearls, or faux pearls strung with 15’s shiny blacks.


I also made two of these little buttons.  This was from an old issue of Bead and Button..about 2001.  The little blue one was made according to the directions, with 15’s and 3m czech firepolished beads, but the other one was made with 11’s and 4m firepolished beads.  The directions though were a little flawed, but by looking at the pictures I was able to figure out the right way do do them.

This is what I’ve been making lately.  I hate to say, I keep going back to things I love to do, which is just stitch some beads together for the love of stitching.  I can’t help myself.  I don’t like to get too bogged down with patterns.  I do try to pick the proper colors that go together.  But I find myself making peyote bands, and then dressing them up in different ways to see how certain beads hang on the band….here is my example.


This is not the best quality of beads around.  I have a lot of those as well, but I use up these not so perfect beads as a base for something great.  Might not win me a contest, but is great for using up some of your stash.


Here is what I’ve been trying to do with this band.



Surprisingly it is working out better than expected.  Now I have to figure out what to do with the upper part, another row of these shell beads?  Or do something with the 15’s silver beads?  I have to ponder on this.  Sometimes I do not plan, I just create for the love of creating.  Silly I guess.

Thanks for checking with me.



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