This last week was hard on me.

So I was a little unmotivated to bead.  I’m still where I was.


But I did get a little better about riding my indoor bike.  The first few weeks of a semester for me is working my day shift, and then resting—getting off of my feet, resting so I don’t fall asleep at 8:00.  So I have a tendency of laying down after my shift for the fest few weeks.  So now that I am a little more used to it, I’ve been trying to stay awake at least for some of the days, and trying to exercise without being on my feet.  So I have a recumbent bike that I use.

Lately I’ve been watching some shows on Hulu and that way I can watch what I want when I want.  But after bicycling, I have to get busy with cleaning up, and making dinner, and cleaning up, and then resting before bed.  If I get busy after work, then I don’t sit down till 10pm.  And considering I’ve been on my feet for 16 hours if I don’t rest.


See Roscoe understands.


My glass door must be clean….I don’t see any fingerprints.


Okay forget I said that.

My husband and I took a short road trip and I took some photos of some barns.  Pretty amazing when we didn’t stop to shoot these….I just pointed as we went past at 40 miles per hour.




I mean these are not fancy barns….but in the county that we live in, there are not that many barns made of wood any more.  There are many tin barns, and Butler building barns, and metal, even Quonset hut barns.  But a lot of the old things in this county are bulldozed over.

Thanks for checking in on me.  Next time pictures of Roots and Blue Festival.



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