Some family shots.

Okay, Dad shots.


He probably thinks I’m a freak.  Every time I come over I take a few pictures of him.


This is is the “no you can’t borrow 20 bucks” look.


He’s looking……


at the maps feature on my phone.  He’s showing me his boyhood home in St. Louis, and showing me around the neighborhood.


I usually take pictures of him in the kitchen because I visit at dinner preparation time.  The light is better….but my macro lens means that I can’t stand back too far, but the close ups are nice.


I also took these photos.


This is the new kittie that showed up at our house a few weeks ago.  He had a flea collar on….If you know of this kitty, please write to me in the comment section.

Thanks for checking with me.  I will take some more pictures of my current beading projects coming soon.  I have finally finished the dangles, but am adding the border.  Now I want to fill in the rest of the band.   Then it is time to concentrate on my Christmas projects.




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