Spiking it.

I’ve been adding spikes to my necklace.  I wanted to cover my simple peyote band with loops of beads or some such, so I went for spikes.  I haven’t done them like this before as a 3-d structural layer.  But this is how they look.





So I as you can see I’m using a variant mix of coloring, using glass pearls, and czech glass beads.



I want to do this all the way across.

Now for some close ups.  Love my macro lens.








This is the loop end.  I had to add a couple of loops for adjusting the size.


So that is what I’ve been working on.  I have to stop though soon as I have some christmas projects I have to get going on.  I have about 6 weeks after Halloween to get my stuff done.  Obviously I save these projects for times when I can.  This one has been on my tray for about six weeks already.  Though I’ve probably only put about 15 hours in it.   I found Hulu…dang it.

Thanks for checking me out.  Come back soon.




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