As I progress….

Just wanted you guys to see the necklace I’ve been working on.   I have been adding spikes to the peyote band of the shell coin necklace.  Here is my progression so far.


See 2/3 done, or is it 4/5ths.  Anyway, I am glad.  This necklace has been on my work table for a little too long.  But that is okay.  I’m loving how it is looking now though.



I just love this style of free form.  It works so well for me because I have so many random beads, and I love to put the colors together and just have fun with all sorts of beads.



Love those tight shots too.


See, my one loop didn’t work and the necklace was a little tight, so I added a couple of more loops to it.  Each time I added a loop though, I made sure to go through the loop several times, as many as would allow to firm it up, and keep it as strong as possible.



And here is a couple of my earliest projects.


Obviously when I was still putting clasps on my bracelets.   Don’t do that anymore.  My hands can’t take it.


Plus, I was always getting the tension wrong on the ends, or exposing threads, or using too much thread that I couldn’t go through the path that I wanted… all know.


And another one, using 4mm druk beads, right angle weave, and 8’s cylinders for the dangles.


And I put this cute vintage button on the end of this one.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by again folks.

We will show you the end results soon.  Hopefully later today.

Gotta go jog first though.  Beautiful day today!



3 Responses to “As I progress….”

  1. bernadette Says:

    Hello Beadfun,
    I really like your blog and your bead projects. Thank you for sharing them. I was looking at your ruffle links and other projects which they are all so beautiful. I am quite new to beading but I feel I can push myself by trying more complicated designs. You mentioned on your projects that you had followed the Bead and Button Magazine for them. I realy appreciate it if you could please tell me the volume and the date of the magazines. Also do you have any tutorials that I can download your projects? Have a lovely day. Bernadette

    • Bernadette, thanks for commenting to me. Lately my hands have been hurting me and I have a new job which keeps me from doing projects like I used to, but I still have a love for.

      Usually when I post a project that I have followed closely I will at least credit the original designer if they are published. If you keep following some of my projects just go to the beginnings and usually I snap a photo at the start which actually is a photo of the magazine page and my start of the project. Not always of the former, but I usually credit the designer when I post. That will help you find the projects at the bead and button website.

      Most of the time I have success with their projects, but sometimes I get confused or stopped and have trouble restarting. Sometimes I get things made, then assembled and somewhere along the line I goofed up and things don’t go together. Those pieces I store and eventually get the scissors out, cut it apart and reuse the beads on a different project.

      I like to learn several different patterns, but I tend to fall on making some of the same ones and make my own designs, but I am not nearly as good or creative as some of the designers that get published.

      Follow my links on the about me to see a couple of people with tutorial websites. Also, do some searching on the web, there are some great sites around the world as well, I can’t always read them, but 4mm bicone is universal. A lot of the russian beading blogs have illustrations of how the pattern goes, you don’t need to read the directions.
      Also check out Etsy Beadweavers . com and also on facebook and follow some of them and some of their links, that will take you to some amazing beaders and beading blogs. is an excellent designer and also has a few free patterns that are very good. She is also in business to have patterns to sell.

      Keep in mind the published designers don’t mind you making their patterns and selling them for pin money, but I am very careful when I post a photo of my project that I try to credit them….sometimes I meander and possibly get lost, but at the beginning when I am following a pattern I try to keep that in mind.

      I have seen and read on blogs of people trying to take credit for a pattern that someone else created and are trying to sell the pattern, and that the beader has figured out and trying to take credit for it…..The true designers just want respect and for you not to make a bunch of copies to sell at the farmer’s market or your art booth.

      Happy beading and don’t hesitate to look look look across the internet for as much information that you can find, there are all levels of beaders and beaders offering patterns, so just bead what you love, use colors you love (plus get a color wheel), and sometimes things come together and sometimes they don’t. Just keep doing it!
      Thanks CThomas

      • Bernadette Says:

        Hi CThomas, congratulations on your new job but I am sorry to hear that your hands are giving you trouble. Have you tried CASTOR oil (rub with luke warm castor oil- it definately helped me) .

        Meanwhile thank you for your reply and for the useful information. I will look at them no doubt but sadly I work full time (I am an engineer) and I have recently took beading as hobby because I realise that it relaxes me.

        I agree that it is certainly important to give a credit to the original designer therefore I was pleased to see that you had the photographs of the pages of the Beads and Button Magazine at the beginning of your projects. Since then I had subscribed to Beads and Button Magazine and realise that they also some tutorials as well as selling their back issues. I have downloaded some of the projects but as your projects seem to be from year 2010, do you have the issue number or the month of the magazines that you displayed their pages on your projects because without an issue number or a month (eg: October 2010 issue) it seems not possible to find the designs that you worked on.
        Best wishes

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