I started something new.

Yep, I finished my necklace a few days ago, but just got around to taking photos and posting them.  Here they are.










So there it is.  Tah Dah!      How I worked this up is like this.  I did a peyote band, then hung the shell coins on the bottom.  Then I just took some assorted colors that went with the shell coins, and attached them spike style.  This one took a few hours, but believe it or not, I think I got the spiking done in about 6 hours total.  Probably about a 10-12 hour project for me.


Now to show you what I started two days ago.  First it is a double spiral rope.  This is from a design in Bead and Button Magazine by an artist named Alicia Shems.  You can go to Bead and Button and find this in their designs to download.  So I just started it on Thursday Night and I did some work to it just to get a good start for Friday night.  Here was my first hour of progress or so.






I just wanted to get my colors together, and try a little trial to see how it would go.  So for Friday, I think I added about 6 more inches to this one.  Total of about three hours after Friday.









Now that it is Saturday, I’ve finished about 11 inches of it.  A few more inches to go.  At this rate maybe I will be able to get some Christmas presents done after all.  This is only the second spiral rope that I have ever done.  I really like how they come together.  This is a little different version of it for sure.

As for now, I think I’m catching a cold.  I’ll see you guys later, and thanks for dropping in.




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