I finished!

Yep, actually a few days ago I finished.  I wanted to make the loop a little fancier, so I wasn’t quite finished with it till I added a couple of more rounds.  But here it is.


Of course silly me, I keep placing my photos on the very same spot where there is a scratch in my work surface.  It looks like a loose thread.


I used a large glass bead for the closure, and peyote stitch bevel.

The necklace is a double spiral rope comprised of a core of Czech glass pearls and assorted seed beads, as well as Czech glass bead mixture.






So what do you think?  Like it, or is it to violet? I guess I have a lot of beads that color.  Anyway, it measures at 15 inches, before the clasp, I think that added another two inches.  I think it will stay up high on the neck without choking the wearer-which was my goal.

So today I started this…..


This is an attempt at a beaded cabochon.  This here pattern is from the latest Bead and Button magazine.  This is the beaded Dahlia pattern by Melanie Colburn.  Of course this is just an attempt.  First of all I didn’t have the 18 mm Rivoli.  So I tried to substitute it with this cabochon, but it didn’t quite fit, as the cabochon is flat on the back.  Here are more photos.


This is the photo without the flash….I think this photo turned out better.


This is the back side.  Not the usual peyote backed bezel look, this was part of the interesting working that Melanie did in the magazine.  But of course, since I don’t have the pointy end of the Rivoli, it doesn’t fit right.




See all the pointy parts that are not supposed to be there…..plus I had to add about three extra rows of 15’s to keep the cabochon from falling out of the “cupped” portion.  So….back to the drawing board with this one.  This is my first attempt at working this sort of thing, so I have the idea down.   I think I will try the standard peyote backing since this is a perfectly flat cabochon and it will get a much tighter fit.

Anyway, Happy Beading!

See you next time.








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