My latest….

Well second to latest, I haven’t shot the second try of this.

It’s a fail.

But first try ever.

The back side.  I type of netting to hold it in the back.  The design called for a Rivoli, but I did not have that size.




Instead I used a flat back cabochon, but it didn’t stay round, I guess because of that five pointed star on the back and pulling tight.

Okay, So I tried it again with another flat back cabochon, this time with a spiral peyote stitch, and 15’s but I think that I made the “back” too big, as it seems kind of puffy before I started “cupping” the beads around the cabochon.  Pictures will follow later.

I have to work now,  So I will be shooting pictures later for the next post.

I am working on the Dahlia Flower that is in the current issue of Bead and Button.  The first cabochon I did was based on that design.  Though I failed as I used the wrong thing inside of the beaded bezel.

Talk to you later.



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